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Matcha has been all the rage recently. From matcha lattes to matcha brownies there are so many items you can make with it and so many health benefits that come from Matcha! When I think of spring I think of pastel colors and tea parties and brunches! So since spring is right around the corner I thought what better than to have a Matcha Themed Tea Party?

First, let’s go over some of the benefits of Matcha and why it has become so popular. Matcha Green Tea has lots of antioxidants, catechins (which help burn fat faster and improve digestion), and has been said to help with preventing heart disease, along with type two diabetes and weight loss. 

spoon of matcha powder
Photo by Matcha and CO on Unsplash

So what do you need for a tea party exactly? Tea Parties do not have to be anything fancy. However, it can be a fun activity to do with your friends and family! Since this tea party will be Matcha themed you will need a color palette of light “matcha” green, tea cups (can be purchased at the dollar store) and any other fun decorations that might make the room more charming. The next thing is attire, during COVID especially it has been hard for people to find ways to get out of their sweatpants. Having a dress code is something that helps get people get excited and to wear things that they might not get a chance to normally wear.

teacup with flower and book page
Photo by Debby Hudson from Unsplash

Next up is food and drinks. All the food will contain Matcha in it. I have listed places where you can find the recipes below. For tea there is Matcha lattes, these can be served hot or cold depending on what your guests prefer. There are also Matcha pastries and breakfast foods that you can serve. You can provide Matcha brownies, Matcha Pancakes, and Matcha Pudding.

image of woman drinking tea
Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

Having a Matcha themed tea party is a fun thing to do with your friends and family that can be different and more exciting than typical everyday activities!


Matcha Latte: https://www.japancentre.com/en/recipes/16-matcha-green-tea-latte-hot-or-iced 

Matcha Brownies: https://www.cooking-therapy.com/matcha-brownies/ 

Matcha Pancakes: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/261190/matcha-pancakes/ 

Matcha Pudding: https://feelgoodfoodie.net/recipe/matcha-chia-pudding/

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