How To Deal With a Shitty Friend


Before you label someone as a bad friend, allow some time to pass in case she's PMS-ing or having a bad week. Pay attention to specific details so that you have valid reasoning for your feelings. It’s unfair to call someone shitty for something stupid like not answering a phone call.


Often times, it is very helpful and eye-opening to rant about this friend to someone you trust. In my opinion, moms are really good for this because they aren’t involved with the situation at all so they can give genuine feedback. Being able to vocalize what makes you upset will help organize your thoughts and understand what action should be taken.


The best way to deal with a shitty friend is to explain to them why you think they’re shitty. It’s important to remain calm and rational during this, no matter how hard it may be. Confronting your friend will hopefully create the opportunity for forgiveness and making amends. And if that isn’t the case, at least you’ll know that now is the time to part ways.

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