How to Beat Writer's Block, Tested by an Aspiring Writer

If I know anything about writing, it's that oftentimes, it can be tough. After all, you're starting with absolutely nothing and hope to create something that pulls readers in, keeps their attention, and makes them think it was worth reading, all at once. This is complicated even more by the thing that every aspiring author dreads: writer's block.

I recently just got through a case of writer's block that lasted nearly half a year. You read that right; for almost six months, every time I tried to write creatively, it either turned out horribly or I sat retyping one sentence for an hour. This doesn't mean that I'm an expert on how to beat writer's block, but I hope I can give you all some advice so you can avoid the frustration I dealt with.

  Tip 1: Find your writing space

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This was a big one for me. It might be fun to work on your newest novel idea curled up on your bed, but for me, this was the worst possible thing to do. When you're sitting alone in a comfortable place, you aren't very likely to be productive. The second that I would get frustrated with my writing, I would grab my phone and start scrolling through Instagram. This does nothing but fuel your writer's block! Try out a few different places that you think could work and see where you feel the most productive. For me, this ended up being the local coffee shop that was less than a five minute drive from my house. Finding a place that encourages you to work and get things done can help get you writing again after having dealt with writer's block for a long time.


Tip 2: Write for Fun

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Writer's block can sometimes make you feel like you can't write anything, but that isn't true. You're just temporarily stuck. The best way to get back into writing is (surprise surprise) to write, but this can be easier said than done if you've been working on a piece for a long time that's very important to you. To combat this, create a new document that has absolutely nothing to do with the pieces you're serious about. After that, start writing. The content and quality don't matter; this is just to get you back into the process of writing. Have fun with it! Write whatever you can and just get back into the process.


Tip 3: Read Books for Inspiration

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If you feel like your writing is awful, what better way is there to get motivated to succeed than to read the works of those who have? Either re-read one of your favorite novels or find a new one to get some inspiration and that boost of motivation you need. Sometimes it helps to read a book in the same genre as the piece you're working on, but most of the time I just try to reach for something that I know will be well-written regardless of what genre it is. Remember: if these people successfully wrote a book, then you can finish whatever piece you're working on.


Writer's block is one of those unavoidable things that seems to happen at the absolute worst moment possible, but it doesn't have to mean that your writing piece comes to a screeching halt. Use these tips to your advantage and fight your way though it. Even when you feel like you're incapable of writing, remember that every sentence you write is great progress. You got this. Even when you feel like you don't, just remember that any progress you make is incredible, because...

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