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Fall has rolled around, which inevitably means a few things: warm drinks, cozy blankets and Halloween movies. From horror flicks to childhood classics, there are so many Halloween-inspired movies to choose from. Though, even if you hate being scared, you need to watch a horror movie or two to ring in the season. So if demonic possession and psychopaths aren’t really up your alley, here are a few “horror” movies that won’t make you sleep with the lights on. 

  1. Scream

I need to preface by admitting that I am a little biased. Scream is my favorite horror movie of all time. I’ve always hated horror movies and refused to watch them, but Scream was the first one I opened up to. It’s a classic horror movie that even needs to be watched at least once, and it checks the “not-so-scary” box. In all honesty, this movie makes me laugh. And no I’m not insane. Since it was made in 1996, the special effects aren’t great, making some of the “scarier” scenes comedic. Also, pay attention to the way the “slasher” runs … I can never hold in my laughter. He sprints across the background at the most random times and has an odd gait that would make anyone giggle a bit. Watch out for jump scares, because you may stumble across a few. 

  1. Children of the Corn

Set in a small farm town, this movie entails a group of children going after a couple because they believe everyone over the age of 18 has to be killed. This is another one of those movies that was made so long ago that the special effects make it comedic. Even just the premise itself: a bunch of kids with pitchforks take over the town. I’ve always been terrified of horror movies, but this one put me to sleep. Most of the movie I was either yawning or laughing. So if your friends are begging to watch a horror movie, suggest Children of the Corn, and then sit back and relax. 

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  1. Woman in Black 

Now, this one’s a bit spookier than the others. A man travels to a small village where a dead woman is haunting the locals. If your friends really won’t let you get off without watching a true horror movie, suggest this one. The storyline is a bit confusing, but I honestly could barely pay attention to anything else besides Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) in a horror movie. There’s one prominent jump scare, but other than that it’s mainly just eerie vibes from the movie. It’s not quite as comedic as the others, but I got a laugh out of how chaotic the plot was. It may send a few chills down your spine, but definitely will not keep you up for nights on end. 

  1. Beetlejuice

This movie is a must-watch classic. It was made to be a comedic horror movie, where Michael Keaton plays an amusing spirit who tries to scare away the new tenants of a deceased couple’s house. He has green hair and a rambunctious personality and is an iconic 80s figure. It contains a good balance of slightly disturbing content and extremely funny content. Anytime you are about to get scared, it is guaranteed to be warded off by a joke. It will not force you to sleep with a night light, and it may even make you laugh a little (or a lot). 

  1. The Shining

Last but not least, The Shining. This movie is trippy more than scary. A family goes to an isolated hotel to stay for the winter, and the father slowly slips into insanity. The spookiest part of the movie is the isolation. Honestly, it’s interesting trying to decipher what is real and what is the dad’s crazy imagination playing tricks on him. It’s an iconic Stephen King adaptation that everyone needs to watch at least once. It may make your skin crawl a bit, and may even leave you questioning your own sanity, but it definitely counts as one of the less horrific horror movies. I highly recommend giving it a watch if you’re in the mood for a slow, suspenseful story. 

Hi! My name is Kate and I'm currently a junior at the University of Kansas majoring in Chemical Engineering. My favorite activities are doing anything outdoors, binging a good movie series, and having wine nights with my girlfriends. I'm very passionate about body positivity and confidence in women and hope to empower girls through my writing.
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