Here's What We Know (And Want to Know) About the Final Season of New Girl

After far too much time (at least to someone as impatient as I am), the wait is ALMOST over- New Girl is returning for a seventh and final season. It is set to premiere the night of April 10th, but it will take place much farther into the future- more specifically, a few YEARS into the future. Aside from general (extreme) excitement, this brings a lot of questions to mind. What exactly will this future look like? Luckily, TVLine and platforms alike were gracious enough to spill a little.


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According to what TVLine has to say, Cece and Schmidt will be full-blown parents at this point. The baby who's mention just barely made it into the last season is now their three-year-old daughter, Ruth. Adorable, right? They won't be the only parents this season, either- Winston and Aly will not only be married this season, but (drumroll, please) expecting a child as well. Last but not least, get ready to breathe a sigh of relief- Nick and Jess will still be together. After the last scene of the sixth season, how could they not be?

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An article from Bustle in November, though, dropped quite possibly the biggest bomb of all about the seventh season- it almost didn't happen. Jake Johnson (known to you/us as Nick Miller) is partially to thank for this- his plea to the network made it clear that although the final scene of Season 6 was epically romantic, it should not be where the New Girl journey ends. Lucky for him, and for us, this plea and many other letters of support helped ensure that the show got the goodbye it deserves (as well as the fans). As if we needed another reason to love Nick Miller.

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Of course, this still leaves burning questions unanswered. What will become of Nick and Jess this season- will they get married, or will they go their separate ways again? Will the infuriating (but also secretly thrilling) will-they/won't-they dynamic come back? How will Cece and Schmidt handle being parents? How will Winston and Aly? How will all of these shifts effect their friendships with each other, and the hilarious dynamic of their group as a whole- will it be the same as it always has been? It seems like we'll just have to watch to find out the rest. I know I will be.