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A Guide to Your First KU Basketball Game

It’s basketball season, y’all. 

Actually, let me make that more clear: it’s the greatest time of the year, in which the entire University of Kansas and LFK combined can generate more energy on one night than the Hoover Dam can in a month. 

Intimidating? Absolutely. Exciting? Absolutely. 

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There are many things to learn on your first time going to a basketball game. Here they are:

1. Do anything to get your hands on a Daily Kansan. 


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If you actually attend your lecture, they will set them out in all the seats in your lecture halls. Grab it. (See how I’m doing a service? Encouraging you guys to go to class, look at me!) If you’re a bad student (jk) and didn’t get one, they are often in the Union or in the Daily Kansan dispensers set around campus. 

The newspapers come handy when it comes to game time! They double as confetti (during the announcement of the players) and as a way to taunt the opposing team!

2. Get there early!

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The doors usually open two hours before game time, and from experience (unless it’s a big game), you can still show up an hour before and find a spot in the student section. However, if you show up earlier and camp out, you can get great seats right in the front of the student section (and make it on TV! Hi, mom!). 

*On the Kansas Athletics website, it states that even though you may have purchased a ticket, seats are not guaranteed. It’s definitely safer to show up early!

3. Learn the Alma Mater. 

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Hail to Old KU! They put the lyrics up on the Jumbotron, so you’ll have it down by your third game!

4. Learn the Fight Song Clap.

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Don’t be like me and look like an idiot (*sigh*).  It seems confusing at first, but mastering the clap is the final step! It’s easy and you’ll get a hang of it quickly. Until then, just pretend you know what you’re doing. Nobody will notice. 

In the end, going to a KU basketball game and sitting in the student section will be one of the highlights of your college memories! Enjoy it! Rock Chalk. 

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