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With the holiday spirit it’s easy to get caught up in the rad wrapping paper and the boxes under the christmas tree (or by the Menorah), but this year try getting a gift for others in need. Here are a few gifts that give back for your holiday season. 


1: Give your the winter coats and blankets you don’t use anymore to your local homeless shelter and get friends to do it too.

2: The World Wildlife Fund offers a wide range of plush animals which come with a birthcertificate and picture if you donate to help protect endagered species. Click here for the full list. 



3. A tent for DAPL protesters—if you can’t be there, you can help out the water protectors in the cold. They even have a wishlist so you can be their Santa Clause/Harry Chanukah/just a good person. Go here for a full list of supplies. 

4. Donate mosquito blankets through UNICEF. This one is a little more expensive so get friends to do it with you!

6. hoorayfortheunderdog.com donates part of all their sales of greeting cards and gifts to animal welfare orginizations. 

7. Cuddle and Kind Dolls donate 10 meals per sale. Click here to look at their selection!

8. There are little things you can do too. Volunteer around your community, open up your wallet, your kitchen, or your home. And don’t forget you time is always a gift! 


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