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Fun & Flirty Fall Fashion Trends I Am SO Excited For

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

Alright ladies, you know what time it is!! Time to trade out our swimsuits and sundresses for boots and chunky sweaters. Though I am definitely a summer-loving, warm-temperature gal, for some reason the second the days start getting cooler and I start to feel the crisp fall breeze, I immediately whip out my fall wardrobe like an eager little 5 year old.

Kansas is starting to bless up with the perfect fall temperatures and I’ve now lined up all my coats and shoes, just waiting to come up with the perfect outfits for my annual trips to the pumpkin patch and cider mill! I’ve recently been trying to up my wardrobe game (because my double extra large sweat suits I’ve been wearing in quarantine are not cutting it anymore and I’m ready to hit the reset button), so the second I felt the seasons change, I set out to do some research on the fall trends this year. Time to look fun, fall, and flirty this season! Here are some of my favorite trends I can’t wait to waste my college budget on! (Rent?..what’s that?) 

Neutral outfits

Fall is the perfect time to experiment putting together outfits in those neutral tones you might not usually be drawn to. Browns, greys, and nudes can be your best friend. Sticking to one monochrome color palette in those shades can give you a very classic, mature, and refined look! 

Statement color purses

Even though I have become a major supporter of the all neutral outfits, I like the idea of incorporating a statement color into the look! Neutral outfits with bold colored purses have been my favorite way to add a pop of color and make an outfit stand out. 

YSL, Prada, Chanel
Photo by Laura Chouette from Unsplash

Chunky sweater cardigans

I have long been a supporter of the chunky sweater trend for fall, so imagine my delight when chunky cardigans became popular! I like the idea of being able to throw this on, on top of a turtleneck or tanktop for more of a layered look. They are very versatile and can be worn unbuttoned, or buttoned, or even off the shoulder! 

Boots boots boots!!

Knee high boots, combat boots, booties…give me all the boots! It’s no secret that boots have always been the dominating shoe for fall fashion, and this year we have so many trendy options to choose from! I like wearing combat-style boots (think Doc Martens) to complete an everyday edgy edgy outfit, or knee high boots for a total bad-a** moment.

Alyssa Cook

Chunky Jewelry

It has been a personal goal of mine to wear more jewelry and start a bigger collection. Chunky jewelry is quickly becoming my favorite way to accessorize because it can take any plain outfit and get it to the next level. My personal favorites right now are chunky chain necklaces and bangle bracelets. 

Woman arms and hands covered in jewelry
Photo by Mike Von from Unsplash

Trench Coats

I am living for this fall staple! You can literally wear whatever you want underneath and then the second you throw on a nice looking trench coat, BOOM! You’re ready to head out the door! The trench coat is basically the outfit. So wear those comfortable leggings or whatver else you want and just throw on a nice coat!



In fall, I sometimes have a hard time remembering to add colorful clothing pieces to my wardrobe. Fun-colored blazers and blazer dresses are now going to be my go-to outfit when I feel like wearing something more colorful for fall. Fun-colored blazers still give you the business boss babe look, but keep it more youthful. 

Pink Casual Ladies Office Blazers Casual Work Jacket Suit


These are the perfect staple accessory for your trip to the pumpkin patch or cider mill! Hats can cure any bad hair day and instantly make an outfit look more put-together, so you bet I will be wearing my hats quite often this fall. Hats are in, bedhead is cancelled! 

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Breanna Coon / Her Campus

Freshman at the University of Kansas