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Freshman Year As Told By The Last Five Years

1. It’s finally move in day

2. You realize you probably shouldn’t have done potluck roommates

2. You find out everything about dorm food in the brochures is a lie but that the freshman 15 will be so true

3. Then you’re friends convince you that everyone goes out in college, so you start going to bars

4. But then you run out money and have to rely on frat parties

5. And it doesn’t matter where you go, the late night pizza delivery man is your soul mate

5. No matter how much you thought you were immune, you start getting hangovers

6. Then you actually check your grades for the first time

7. Also you find out that you didn’t really need to buy all of those textbooks

8. So you start to question if college is really for you

9. But ultimately you decide to push through and work harder

10. But the semester is coming to an end, and you have very little time to make up your grades

11. Then finals week comes up

12. You try to study…you aren’t successful

13. So instead you think of ways to get out of taking them

14. You walk into all your finals like

15. You get your grades back and honestly could’ve done a lot worse

16. You spend Christmas break catching up on sleep and eating home cooked meals

17. But it’s over before you know it and you mentally prepare yourself for next semester

18. You decide that this semester you’re going to try your hand at dating

19. Heaven knows you have awful taste in men though

20. And you really don’t click with anyone

21. And when you finally find someone, every hot guy suddenly wants to talk to you

22. Eh, boys are scum and this semester is about doing better than last semester

23. So you start focusing more on school

24. Also, you may not have noticed, but the freshman 15 is really hitting people

25. And then finally spring break rolls around

26. And you go way too hard because it’s your first spring break, and you are 23, remember? 

27. And you don’t know how to handle money, so you spend like crazy until your parents cut you off

28. So you have to get a job

29. And balancing a job with school isn’t fun, but you were a dumbass and spent all your money

30. The school year is almost over and you have that one professor who assigns you a ton of work to do

31. And you realize that you’re almost done with your freshman year and start panicking because that’s one year closer to having to go out into the world

32. But you couldn’t be more happy that the school year is over

33. And you start preparing for sophomore year

*all photo credit goes to Grand Peaks Entertainment

I'm a freshman journalism and theatre performance double major at KU (I'm basically majoring in waitressing), who a proud member of Alpha Gamma Delta. Welcome to my weird thoughts and follow me on twitter if you would enjoy further insight into them: @talkalot_360
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