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Is Forever 21 Done?

Everyone knows what Forever 21 is. Our beloved clothing store that we have been buying jewelry and clothes from since we started using Snapchat. The company is praised for its cheaper products and always turning over new fashion trends.  I know I have a lot of memories of going into Forever 21 when I was in middle school and trying to find the perfect item to buy with my $15. 

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But over the years, Forever 21’s brand has been going downhill. Forever 21 has over 800 stores worldwide and are most common in your local shopping mall. The stores are known to be very big and sometimes stressful to shop in. One of Forever 21’s problems is fast fashion. The company is always trying to stay up to speed with the world’s fast changing fashion trends.  

For example, making too many leather skirts to consumers, leading to the company having to throw away the left-over skirts that did not get purchased. Not only is the company having to throw away clothes but because of fast fashion, customers are also throwing away clothes. One of the biggest problems is the material being used to make these clothes, polyester, which can take years to decade.

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Even though Forever 21 has considered filing for bankruptcy, we also have to think about the great things Forever 21 has provided us. I like to shop at Forever 21 online because it allows me to see all their products organized.  Thousands of people turn to Forever 21 for quick outfits for special occasions and cute jewelry options when you want to try something new.

Overall, I believe if Forever 21 was to re-brand their company image and find a safer way to make clothes, I would be very happy. Many people would be heartbroken if Forever 21 was to go out of business and we would also lose one of our favorite clothing shops.

I am a junior at the University of Kansas. Studying Strategic Communications with a minor in Marketing. I am a Michigan Native! I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, attending basketball games, and writing for HerCampus!
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