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Being the protagonist (sometimes the antagonist, if we’re being real) of my own life, I could easily assume that a bunch of my faves teamed up this summer to create a brilliant soundtrack for the last couple months of my life. In reality, though, it’s not about me- it’s just about great music, and the abundance of it this summer has been real. To properly wrap this summer up, here are a few highlights I especially appreciated (and sort of let dominate my Spotify queue).


“CASE STUDY 01” almost feels like a deliberate act against Daniel Caesar’s previous self. Against the backdrop of exploration into something fairly different from the wholesome, romantic dream Freudian floats through, “LOVE AGAIN” is just about the closest we get to a callback to that.  Daniel Caesar stays true to his tradition of powerhouse duets, featuring Brandy on this dreamy track. The vocal chemistry is incredible and makes for an instant replay.


At first listen, this song felt like a slap in the face (in the best way). The lyrics urge you to get up and participate in your life again in a gentle but urgent way, like a best friend softly but insistently urging you to move the fuck on. It’s beautiful. And it almost convinced me to get a second tattoo.


It’s certainly not fun to be cheated on, but I have a blast listening to Sam Smith sing about it in this song. Part of that is because of how much fun HE’S having with it- the release of this track AND its video is his personal statement of freedom and individuality. He claims to have had “more fun than ever” creating this song and the attitude is insanely infectious.


This catchy anti-love song of sorts has more charm than most movie stars (yes, that is a direct quote). It’s an oddly upbeat taste of being a third wheel- the narrator of the song isn’t the subject of the love story, but the love story’s roommate (not metaphorically, but literally listening through paper-thin walls). The refreshing, eccentric nature of the song and the spooky music video made it incredibly easy for it to work its way into my most frequently played.


Next up to follow Free Nationals’ collaboration with Daniel Caesar was this personable collab featuring Kali Uchis and a posthumous verse from Mac Miller. The track practically screams summer and, despite the bittersweet lyrics, urges me to roll down my windows and let the sunshine in. Every Free Nationals release leaves me wanting more and wondering when I’ll get it- this one was no different. 

Lucie (originally from Tulsa, OK) is a fourth-year journalism major at KU. Her favorite things include (but are not limited to) coffee, new music, life in LFK, and every dog in existence (they are all good dogs). While being involved in a handful of student organizations on campus, HerCampus was her first step into campus involvement and she absolutely loves everything it has to offer. She is ecstatic to be HerCampus KU's content copyeditor. 
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