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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.
Ever come across something awesome on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram or WeHeartIt that you just have to have, and are disappointed that there is no link to figure out where you can get it? Well I’ve got three places that have already begun to solve all of your shopping problems. You’ll be able to finally get the answers and will probably find even more pieces you’ll want. 
Wheretoget.it is a lifestyle app for your phone or tablet and it’s also a website found here. It’s simple to use and will help you track down that t-shirt you can’t seem to find anywhere with the help of some fellow shoppers. You simply upload a picture of the item you are trying to find, specify which part of the outfit you’re looking for (if necessary) and submit it to the sea of members who can give you hints and tips on where to get it. After it has been found where to get it, it will update with the option to purchase the item instead of just ‘want’ the item. When you ‘want’ the item, it will notify you when someone has posted a tip or the place to get it. You can also search their brand feed for specific brands and their latest requests for current trends. Awesome right? You can find this app in the app store or online to begin your search. 
The Hunt is a similar application for your phone or iPad and can also be used online here. Just like Wheretoget you can upload an image to begin a ‘hunt’ except on The Hunt you can specify if you want the exact item or just something similar. You can search for existing ‘hunts’ and can follow the ones you desire. When someone has a ‘find’ they will post the applicable location on where to buy it and all followers of the hunt will be notified. One difference though is that on The Hunt you only have the option to follow the ‘hunts’ and you cannot just ‘like’ the item like you can on wheretoget.it.
Wanelo is a website found here and application that has all the options of the previously mentioned but additionally you can follow specific stores and suppliers so that on your own feed you will find their posts. There is still the option to search specific key words and items as well, and you can either purchase them after being directed to their specific location, or you can add them to your Wish List (or other created list that you have added). This Wish List is their version of the ‘like’ so that you can save it for later. 
All of these places are awesome sources for the online shopper in you and will help you track down almost anything you can imagine. So even if you find things on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, or other similar places that don’t have their links to the products, just save them and post them to any of these places and your sure to find at the very least a similar item if not the exact thing to satisfy the hunt. 
Happy Hunting HCXO