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Ever since I was on TikTok, there was always one account that popped on my feed. The user had aestically pleasing videos and positive messages in their videos and after a few weeks of seeing their videos on my ForYou page, I decided to follow them. I was persuaded to follow this user, Nabela, because of her videos named “Pockets of Peace.” 


Her Pocket of Peace series start with the same phrase: “I am so happy you’re here, I wanted to share some pockets of peace from my day because I believe that each day carries a few moments of goodness and we deserve to enjoy them. These are the highlights I want to celebrate to focus on the light amidst the chaos.” 


The sentence, “I want to celebrate to focus on the light amidst the chaos,” really set with me and after hearing that, I started to find a pocket of peace every day (even if I had a terrible day). I believe finding something good from my day helps me think positively and I think that one thing could be anything that makes you happy. 

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An example would be getting my favorite iced vanilla latte at McLain’s Market in the morning after my classes, going shopping for fun, receiving a text from a friend unexpectedly, FaceTiming with my friends, getting a good grade on an assignment, or meeting my friends. There are countless other moments that could be someone’s pocket of peace. 


Nabela shares what she did throughout her day and spreads positivity with her audience. She has a pattern of showing videos of her cooking meals or drinks, lighting candles around the house, taking a drive with her husband, Seth, watching movies, renovating and decorating her house, getting ready in the morning, and more. She started the series after battling the coronavirus to combat her anxiety and depression. Finding positive highlights during her day helped her deal with her mental stress and encouraging others to share theirs can help them with theirs. 


She is a first-generation Bangladeshi-American creator, activist and entrepreneur. She has multipe platforms on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and has her own YouTube channel. As told through her platform, she is “motivated by her commitment to advocacy, Nabela has utilized her voice for a number of powerful, yet marginalized communities including the plus-sized community, Muslim community, South Asian community, and women of color around the world.”


On her social media posts, she encourages others to love and take care of themselves and spreads positivity. She started her series to help her with her mental health yet she got some negative feedback on her videos from others mocking her videos. Many TikTok users believed she was just showing her wealth around because she showcases parts of her house within each video but I disagree with that idea. She makes these videos to be happy for herself and I think finding good moments in our days, especially during a pandemic, would help other people dealing with their mental health too. 

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Although Nabela creates daily videos on TikTok, that isn’t what she’s mainly known for. She and Seth have a digital media company called Love & Noor, which “focuses on creating content and brands that serve as a vehicle for social change, redefining beauty and fashion standard and advocating for marginalized communities. Nabela brings representation to the forefront of all that she creates with passion, enthusiasm and a persistent dedication to spreading tolerance, diversity, activism and of course, Love & Noor.” 


She also has her own personal brand named Zeba which is a movement and lifestyle brand centered on body celebration. Instead of naming sizes “ extra small, small, medium, and large” she replaced the names of the sizes to “passionate, brave, inspiring, powerful, fearless, radiant, loved, and independent.” She believes people are more than a label, more than a number on a scale, more than a measurement, and more than a tag. She spreads body positivity and wants people to love and care for themselves and their own body. 


Along with those two platforms, she has Nabela Noor Home, which is a community for modern homemaking and Noor House, a non-profit scholarship program based in Bangladesh. She focuses on sponsorship and commitment to girls’ education at the Banani Branch in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The purpose of the The Noor House Mission is “to improve and uplift the lives of disadvantages girl children with a special emphasis on girls education and nourishment. To provide impoverished young girls with the opportunity and resources break the cycle of poverty by equipping them with free education and resources they need to thrive.” 

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She advocates for many things and makes sure people know she appreciates and cares for everyone around her. She stays positive and helps many women gain confidence in themselves and I recommend other people to check her out! Her videos always makes my day whenever I scroll through my TikTok feed because of all the positivity she sends. I’ve begun to find highlights throughout my day and always smile when I think of them. If you get stressed or anxious these days, I would suggest finding and making a list of good moments from your day to help you see “the light amidst the chaos.” 


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