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Fast and Easy Budget-Friendly Halloween Costumes

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It’s almost time for the spookiest of holidays and many of us haven’t found the time to spend searching for a costume to celebrate this October 31. Here are a few quick and budget-friendly ideas that might help you out. 

  1. Sitcom characters
  • An easy and fashion trendy solution, whether it’s Friends or Seinfeld or some other iconic show, the characters are typically wearing outfits that you’ll be able to find in your own closet or a thrift store around town. (As someone who has dressed up as Rachel Green a few years ago, trust me, it’s fun and easy to do!) 
  1. American Horror Story 
  • While some characters can be really out there in terms of makeup and skills it might take, there are others (like Violet Harmon or Misty Day) that might be easier to replicate yet still easy to identify. 
  1. Vampire (but with a twist)
  • A classic, why not go all out? A leather jacket, black shirt, combat boots and jeans: you’ve got a badass rocking vampire. But! Why not add some simple makeup to make it darker? Some well-defined shadows with black eyeliner and shadow could really make your vampire look spooky and more bloodthirsty. 
  1. Demons
  • Taking a page out of my own inspirations this year and adding demons to the list. Pick an iconic demon, like the 7 Deadly Sins, or Lilith, and go to town! The best part of outfits inspired by demons is that you can take what they represent and use objects around your house and clothes you own to make symbolic little pieces to add on and make it special and unique to your interpretation. 
  1. YouTube 
  • Okay, this one is more of a place to look for inspiration than an actual idea, but YouTube is filled with incredible makeup artists that can inspire your choice of costume immensely. You don’t need to do the exact character they’re doing, and you might not be the best with makeup (speaking from experience) but you can still pick and choose aspects of the characters you like and make it your own. For example: Madeyewlook & Pompberry 

Ideally, this list has given you some ideas on what could be easy and relatively budget-friendly outfit ideas/inspirations. At the end of the day, choose what’s more comfortable for you and what you know you’ll have fun in! And Happy Halloween! 

Hi, I'm Giuliana, a junior at KU. Double majoring in journalism and psychology. I'm excited to share my stories with you!
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