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Euphoria rundown: The Good, The bad and Jules

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If you haven’t been paying attention to TikTok, Instagram or even the occasional Facebook post, Euphoria season two aired worldwide Jan. 9 on HBO Max. However, if the fact that the whole world is watching Euphoria every Sunday at 9 p.m. hasn’t convince you to cover your face in glitter and emerge into the world of drugs, bad decisions and Zendaya singing “Dirty Work” by Steely Dan, maybe I can change your mind.  

Whether you missed the first season because you didn’t know about it or forgot to pay your HBO Max bill, do not worry, let me give you a run down on what you missed last season. Before I do, I recommend looking up the trend “remembering you go to Euphoria high school” on TikTok to set the scene into the world where molly is an afternoon snack and chasers are a thing of fiction. 

Season one: SparkNotes version 

Rue Bennett, played by Zendaya, is a charismatic, funny and spontaneous high schooler, who occasionally does drugs, and occasionally overdoses. After an almost-fatal overdose, Rue stays clean, and like all TV shows set in high school, there of course is a stunning love interest, Jules, played by Hunter Schafer.  

It was the kind of scripted love that makes you pick sides, and even DM the real celebrity to inform them that their on-screen character is being cheated on. However, after Jules begins living life her own way, Rue begins abusing drugs again. 

However, Jules and Rue are not the only two actresses stunning audiences across the globe, but since I promised to keep it short and simple, I won’t get into the gossip, the betrayals, the amazing soundtrack, unmatched fashion, hot people, toxic romances, the merry-go-round incident, and even the child with a face tattoo. The rest of season one will remain a mystery until you log into your own HBO Max account or borrow your ex’s login info. Trust me, it’s worth it, and Chris will never even notice.  

Now, if you are a newbie to the Euphoria world, this next section is full of spoilers, juicy details and predictions in season two. So, unless you have made it to the closing scene of season one, and Rue has fallen from the hands of the dancers and “All for Us” begins to fade, I would highly suggest you stop reading now. But then again, WWMD (what would Maddie do)? 

Season two: Jules hate club and Cassie’s spiral down Nate Lane 

Season two has thrown all Euphoria fans into the ringer this season, pitting Maddie and Cassie stans against one another, and somehow making Cal sympathetic and occasionally funny? 

Jumping right into it, I will admit it, I am not a fan of Jules, and you shouldn’t be either. Not to drag up things from the past, but that is exactly what I am about to do.  

Season 1, episode 8, Jules and Rue take off into the night fueled by nothing but bad decisions and teenage angst. Leaving the dance behind, and planning to leave town as well, the couple pedal out to the train station, and just before the town they call home can turn into a blur from the foggy windows of the train, Rue comes to her senses. Rue begs Jules to stay with her, but Jules stayed behind the doors as they closed, and the train disappeared into the distance.  

If you watched the episode, I don’t have to explain the heartbreak that I felt, but my heartbreak was nothing compared to that of Rue. When she was at her lowest, Jules left her.  

However, I did not leave my grievances behind in season one. Season two Jules is an absolute menace.  

Not only did Jules leave Rue at her lowest, but she pretended to be completely oblivious to Rue being doped up out of her mind. Rue had several telltale signs that she was using again. She walked straight into a door, faked an orgasm (terribly) and was constantly on edge. Jules, who was present for these things, kept her eyes closed and her mouth shut.  

You may be thinking, “What about Elliott!” Do not fret, I did not forget the new boy-toy of the season played by Dominic Fike, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for face tattoos. And just like the sub headline read, this is strictly a Jules hate club. 

 Jules and Elliot did not exactly hit it off at the beginning of the season. Jules was paranoid that Elliot was in love with Rue, but after both parties reassured her that it mostly wasn’t true, they all became their own Mystery Inc., but they didn’t solve crimes and they mostly just did a lot of drugs. However, as Jules does, she decides to crush Rue once again and begin sleeping with Elliot, and although Rue doesn’t know yet, all secrets eventually come out. 

Last episode, two of the biggest secrets of season two were put out in the open. Rue is once again outed for using drugs, but we all knew that it would happen sooner or later. However, the biggest shock of the episode began with eight simple words: “Hey Cass, can I ask you a quick question?” From that moment on, although I admired Rue’s track and parkour skills, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the showdown of the century, Cassie vs. Maddie. 

Honestly, the beating Maddie is about to give Cassie will not be any more embarrassing than the hot tub scene, yes, that vomit-covered hot tub scene. Cassie has spent all season dodging fate and spiraling down Nate Lane. What began as an innocent car ride turned into a combination of insanity and hooking up in construction sites. While playing double agent, Cassie was by Maddie’s side, keeping her as far away from Nate as possible. 

So, when I tune in tonight at 9 p.m., I will gladly hold Maddie’s earrings before she enters the ring. 

End of Season Predictions 

With the season coming to an end, and the tensions rising, TikTok and my dorm room have been circulating with theories as to how the season will end. 

On fan accounts and interviews many have hinted that someone will die by the end of the season, and with the way this season has been going, I wouldn’t doubt it. Almost every character has been predicted to die by one account or another: Cassie getting curb stomped by Maddie, Rue overdosing and even Faye getting caught in the crossfires between Mouse’s baby momma and her boyfriend.  

However, I have two guesses on who will die by the last episode of the show. 

Theory 1 

Starting off with a theory that has gained a lot of attention on social media, the death of our favorite drug dealer, Fezco. My theory is that Laurie, the drug pin of the city (or at least of her gated apartment complex), will hunt down Rue after she escaped from her custody. Fez, being the sweetheart he is, will protect Rue, even though she greatly screwed up last episode. Rue always has been Fez’s Achilles heel and will eventually be the nail in his coffin.  

Theory 2 

My next theory is not as popular but is definitely just as gut-wrenching as our dear Fezco dying, and with everything escalating in the show, it’s becoming just as plausible. Gia Bennett, the background child, in the shadow of her sister, constantly caught in the crossfire, bound to explode or implode. My theory is that when everything becomes too much, and the weight of the world leaves her shoulders and falls onto her chest, it will be too much to bear and she will commit suicide. Gia has such a bright future clouded by the shadows and regrets her family puts on her and eventually she will not be able to see any light at all, and just like that, another Bennett claimed by the cruel world we live in. 

Happy Euphoria day!  

I’m a freshman studying Journalism at the university of kansas:)
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