Empowering Female Music Artists You Should Know

Empowerment has so many components to it, and nothing helps make me feel more empowered than music. There are so many female artists that release empowering music, and while I can't list them all here, I can mention some of my favorites. Here's to getting a great playlist together!



I know what you're thinking: Dodie isn't especially fierce, nor does she have music videos featuring amazing dance routines. She does, however, embody an important part of empowerment: vulnerability. Everyone should feel empowered enough to be able to show their feelings. That isn't always easy, but hearing sweet songs about vulnerability can help.

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Aretha Franklin

No way would I make this list and not include the queen of R-E-S-P-E-C-T herself, Aretha Franklin. Do I really need to explain this one? The second her song "Respect" comes on, I feel better. It's as simple as that. Go listen to "Respect" and you'll understand.

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Of course I saved the best for last. It would be ILLEGAL to write an article over empowering artists without mentioning Lizzo. She's confident in who she is and she's bold about it. Lizzo sings so openly about what she wants and how she's going to get it. Plus, her music videos and flute skills are amazing. Lizzo, please never retire.

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There are so, so many more inspiring and empowering female music artists than I've listed here, and you should listen to all of them. Nothing will make you feel as good as listening to music written for amazing women, by amazing women.