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Easy Tips for Girls Who Can’t Dance


After living nearly two decades afraid of encountering an environment that promotes dancing, I finally conquered my fear of dancing in public. What is the secret to overcoming chorophobia (yes there is an actual name for the fear of dancing) you may ask? This past weekend I learned that dancing has less to do with groovy moves, correct technique, and inherent rhythm- it’s all about feeling confident and comfortable with yourself.  

So here are few quick and easy tips for all the girls out there who dance like Taylor Swift at literally every award show she’s invited to (we still love you Tay Tay):

1. Stick with the right kind of friends

Having a group of friends that “pump you up” and “egg you on” is absolutely essential. Their job is to keep you moving, even when the embarrassment of your awkward side shuffling starts to catch up to you.  

2. Go to the best environment for you

Find a location that that plays the kind of music YOU enjoy listening to. Being into the music you’re dancing to makes it a lot easier - trust me! If you know don’t know any of the words to Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow, a club that only plays rap is probably not the best place for you.

3. Keep it simple

One step at a time...literally.

4. Forget about everyone else

If you spend the whole time worrying about what others are thinking of your moves, you’ll never make it to the dance floor. Try remembering that no one is looking at you - they are busy focusing on their own dance moves.

I know it may be scary to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, but the experience of letting go and having fun is totally worth it. Follow these tips and you can’t go wrong.


Maddie is a freshman at the University of Kansas studying Psychology and Philosphy. Maddie is originally from Chicago but most recently lived in a small town of southern Illinois. While she has ambitions to pursue a Ph.D in Counseling Psychology after her undergraduate, Maddie is passionate about both reading and writing poetry. Maddie loves pizza, Italian greyhounds, and spending time with her friends and family. 
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