Easy Group Halloween Costume Ideas

  • Social medias

This can be as easy as sticking the desired social media logo on any piece of clothing like a huge t-shirt or a sexy bodycon dress.

  • Frat guys

Backwards hat. Collared shirt. Red solo cup in hand. Done.


  • Pretty Little Liars cast

A black dress and some dirt (black eyeshadow) dusted all over captures the essence of these four Pretty Little Liars.

  • Beers

The good thing is that there is pretty much an endless amount of people that can be apart of this group costume: Bud, Corona, Natty Light, Busch, Coors, etc. Same thing goes for sodas, if you want to do that instead.

  • Cheetah girls

The perfect excuse to bust out your cozy, Juicy jumpsuit again.

  • Pink ladies

All you need is the classic, pink jacket and a hot girl squad. Couldn’t be easier.

  • Bridesmaids characters

Emulate the hilarious cast of “Bridesmaids” with a bunch of pink dresses and one white gown.


  • Thing 1, 2, 3…

Can also be subbed for “B*tch” 1,2,3… or “Drunk” 1,2,3… for a funny twist.

  • 7 dwarfs

A cute twist on Snow White’s little helpers.

  • Baywatch

Just a red bodysuit or one piece is all that's needed to pull off this iconic costume. (Fanny packs and whistles are optional)

  • Girl scout troop

You know you have your old Girl scout vest lying around somewhere.

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