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Driving while under the Influence of Google

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

Google has come out with an eyewear that allows its users to do almost anything, from taking a picture to asking how tall the Empire State Building is. It is the Google Glass. I thought this type of futuristic technology was only realy in Phil of the Future, but I guess I’m wrong. Talk about a clever way to cheat your way through college… Just kidding. But honestly, there could be some potential dangers of using the device. The dangers don’t lie with the device, but more with the user.

Above is a picture of a ticket a California woman received when she was pulled over for speeding and the officer noticed the Google Glass. The driver claims her Glass was not on while driving, but still received a ticket for having such a device in the front seat of the vehicle. Does this mean we will start being ticketed for having our cell phones anywhere in the front seat? Maybe so.

I can’t say that I side with either party in the case of the ticketing, but I do believe that young adults that have access to this fantastic technology could abuse it and it could cause lots of problems for the future of driving. 

I am a junior Film and Media Studies major at the University of Kansas. In my spare time I love writing screenplays, watching movies, and hanging out with my Husky, Keno.