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A Definitive List of The Creepiest Buzzfeed Unsolved Episodes

Buzzfeed Unsolved is a phenomenon taking the web by storm. If you haven’t heard someone discussing alien theories in conjunction to the newest episode, you’ve at least seen the most incredible meme to come from the cult-like following the Buzzfeed YouTube series had garnered.

If you haven’t yet fallen into the abyss, Buzzfeed Unsolved is a weekly series during which Buzzfeed Blue employees Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej walk viewers through a strange murder or occurrence that has baffled authorities for years. They end by naming the most likely explanatory theories the internet has offered, and take us on a journey of comedy and terror along the way. It’s both hilarious and unsettling, a combination that surprisingly works well. 

I’m a bit of a Buzzfeed Unsolved Connoisseur. I’ve watched all the episodes, forced my friends to listen to me talk about them, and ultimately have gotten everyone else hooked. I can say that no episode is by any means unamusing, but there are some that simply strike harder than others. It was extremely difficult to narrow them down, but I’ve put in the work and come to a conclusion. Without further adieu, I’d like to present to you my definitive ranking of the top six most unsettling Buzzfeed Unsolved episodes. 

6. The Horrifying Unsolved Slaughter At Hinterkaifeck Farm

This unsolved murder case is terrifying mostly for practical reasons: evidence suggests that the murderer stayed in the house for a few days after killing everyone, using the chimney and feeding cattle. More chilling? He was probably living in their house for up to months before, secretly watching the family from a hidden point.

5. The Spontaneous Human Combustion Of Mary Reeser

Mary Reeser took two to four tranquilizers, fell asleep in her upholstered chair with a cigarette in her hand, and went up in a flame so hot that it immediately cremated her body, shrunk her skull and left the rest of the nearby area absolutely untouched. How did it happen? WE WILL LITERALLY NEVER KNOW!

4. The Chilling Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Exorcisms are already terrifying. A young girl in Germany starts having epileptic fits and loses consciousness, later believing she is being possessed by the devil. She spits up some pretty terrifying facts to back up her conviction but ultimately dies of starvation. Germany sued the parents and priests for negligence, but many believe it was a true story of possession. 

3. The Bizarre Toxic Death of Gloria Ramirez

In the early ’90s, Gloria Ramirez went to a hospital in California and 23 of the 37 emergency staff on duty that night became violently ill. They reported a strange smell and an oily sheen on the body. Blood was drawn and toxicology reports showed some unusual results. Is this a case of mass hysteria, under-maintained hospitals or a true toxic nightmare? Analyze it over and over again before you fall asleep tonight.

2. The Bizarre Death Of Elisa Lam

A 21-year-old Canadian girl checks into the Cecil Hotel in California where she is later moved because of complaints about her “acting strangely.” Surveillance footage shows Lam hopping in and out of an elevator and seeming to talk to someone who isn’t there. Months later when guests complained about bad water pressure, Lam’s body was found naked floating in a water tank on the roof. How she got to the roof and into the tank in the first place is unclear. The hotel itself is a clear inspiration for American Horror Story: Hotel and has a super grim history. Probably should have read some Yelp reviews before showing up to that one.

1. The Strange Deaths of the 9 Hikers of Dyatlov Pass

Nine hikers are discovered dead in Russia. Radiation is detected, the tent is ripped open from the inside, two bodies are found stripped down to their underwear and four found past a tree line have signs of blunt trauma and apparently took the dead people’s clothing… What?!?! This one will come back and haunt you at the most inconvenient times, let me warn you.

Hannah Strader graduated from the University of Kansas in December 2018 with a degree in journalism and creative writing. She has past experience as both a writer and editor for high school and collegiate level newspaper staff and spent the summer of 2017 in London working with Healthista, an online women's health magazine. Her passions include but are not limited to Harry Styles, Taco Bell, witchcraft and books. She has two cats and can recite all the U.S. presidents in order. She's proud to call herself a Her Campus alumni. Formerly the Editor in Chief, Senior Editor, and staff writer at Her Campus KU.
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