College Graduation as told by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

1. When people ask why you haven't found a job yet:

2. When someone asks what you want to do with your life so you just say the first thing that comes to mind:

3. Employers: "So what did you learn in college?" Me:

4. When someone asks if you're ready to leave college life behind:

5. When you explain your "unique" work approach in a job interview:

6. When you should be studying for your finals, but the thought of failing and staying in college one more semester isn't exactly the worst idea you've ever had:

7. When all of your friends start posting about their new jobs and travel plans post graduation:

8. When you're about to finish your undergrad and start rethinking your post-grad plans:

9. When you suddenly realize those "resume padding" extra curriculars you never did were probably a good idea:

10. And of course, when you go a little too hard on graduation night: