Cheap (but Thoughtful) Gift Ideas that Look More Expensive than they Are

Let’s face it, you’re poor.

You’re in college, you have almost no money. The price tags on Christmas gifts seem to go up every year and it can be downright scary to shop for any sort of meaningful gift anymore. 

Hopefully, this list will give you some inspiration and options when it comes to buying cheap but thoughtful gifts. In the name of being budget-friendly, none of these gifts will be over $30.

  1. This is the best deal on an electric blanket you can get. Even better, you can plug it into your car. It’s perfect for people who are always cold, but it is also perfect for the waking nightmare of breaking down in the winter.

  2. This is the perfect desk project. In it, you have everything you need, besides some water and time, to grow four bonsai trees. It includes peat soil discs, biodegradable growing pots, and plant markers.

  3. This candle is both beautiful and smells amazing. It also occasionally goes on sale for $13 near the holiday season. A decorated glass holder, an aromatic scent, and pretty packaging make you feel like a fancy bitch. 

  4. This waffle maker is adorable, for starters. It’s also incredibly inexpensive and who doesn’t love waffles.

  5. This is not a gag gift, it’s art. The reviewers claim that hot dogs really do taste better in their toaster.

  6. Ever heard of lipstick theory? When the funds are low, instead of buying large luxury items people buy small luxury items and you can do the same. This bougie lip balm is a great low-cost gift. 

Hopefully, this will help you out in your Christmas endeavors.