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Cheap Friday Nights at KU

If you’re like me, you find that despite your best efforts, your wallet is always empty. Don’t let these unfortunate
circumstances ruin your Friday night! Here are a few fun ideas for you and your friends that don’t break the bank!

Pizza & Board Games

Stay in for a night with your friends and order a pizza! When split between a bunch of friends, a pizza and a liter of soda can be cheap! Many dorms also have board games at the front desk that you can rent. So grab a few girls and have a game night with a slice of pizza (or two…)!

Spaghetti & Movie

Spaghetti is a easy meal to cook and can be made in bulk. If you split the cost of the ingredients between a large group of girls, it is relatively cheap. Stay in and make a great home cooked meal with your friends and then rent a movie for dessert! Many dorms have movies you can rent from the front desk or a Redbox movie is cheap too!


If you and the girls don’t feel like staying in all night, go bowling at the Jaybowl! They have great deals for students on drinks and food. On Fridays and Saturdays the Jaybowl has free cosmic bowling for students after 10 PM!

Student Union Activities

SUA always has events for college students going on! You can find everything from movie nights to poetry readings. Their event calendar is on their website.

Don’t let your not-so-full wallet ruin your Friday night! Remember these fun ideas next time you and your friends are in a pickle for cash!

I'm a senior at KU double majoring in English and Journalism.  I love reading, dancing, and playing with my two dogs - Ellie and Delilah! 
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