Celebrities That Have Buzzed Their Hair Off And Will Make You Want To, Too

Don’t get me wrong, curly hair flowing below the waist is anyone’s Rapunzel fantasy. Remember the uproar Miley Cyrus created when she chopped off her mermaid locks for an edgy, short cut and then a buzz cut? Everyone loves the boho inspired tresses flaunted by many celebrates and models. But for those looking for a little edge to amp up their look, let me inspire you with these celebrities who buzzed their head. They had everyone talking, gawking, and beyond jealous.

Let’s start off with the ex-Disney star who literally buzzed off her past reputations. Miley Cyrus’s shocking hairdo takes command and dares anyone to try and stop her.

One of Hollywood’s more recent stars to join the buzz cut trend is Kristen Stewart. Her famous brown locks in Twilight were perfect for Bella Swan, but Stewart’s new platinum buzz fits her rocker-chic style a little more accordingly.

If the edgy style of Kristen and Miley isn’t quite your thing, take a hint from sweetheart Anne Hathaway. Anne shaved her head for a role in Les Miserable and looks gorgeously ladylike with the soft brown buzzed ‘do.

The full-head buzz may be crazy intimidating for some. While I praise those brave enough to do it, here a few alternative options that still give you just enough edge to demand attention.  

Katy Perry just recently debuted her half-buzzed, half-pixie cut and yes, the hair envy is real.

Demi Lovato, who has also shed a girly Disney past, opted for a subtler buzz. But we all know, Demi is anything but subtle. The hot pink fits her edgy personality perfectly.  

Whether you are looking for a full-on buzzed look or a more understated edge, everyone can agree these women are major hair goals. Just remember, if you love the look or not, there was one queen that inspired the movement. It’s Britany B!*$#.