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Campus Celebrity: Kayla Wegley ’18

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

Kayla Wegley, originally from Ozark, Missouri, is currently a sophomore at KU pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. She is 19, but as stated in her interview, she is “very close to that new decade.” Kayla is a member of the University Dance Company and The Dance Club. She is on the All Scholarship Hall Council Selections Committee and she is the Health and Wellness Chair for Miller Scholarship Hall. On top of these achievements she has also begun production on her upcoming dance concert that will be presented in the spring, featuring various student choreographers, including herself.

Why did you choose to get involved in this area/areas?

“University Dance Company is where I spend the most of my time, as it is a pre-professional dance organization, and thus is beneficial to the career path I am on. This semester I am involved in several faculty and guest artist pieces. The Dance Club is a great place to just dance for fun or on occasion teach a class. I joined the Scholarship Hall community when I moved to KU my freshman year, and my activities within them simply multiplied with my increase in seniority. I really do believe that scholarship halls are an amazing place to live and thrive, and I am glad to be a part of their betterment.”  

Tell us about your upcoming spring dance production? 

“The show I am producing entitled ‘Alterity’ will be an evening length production that provides for student research through choreography. I chose to produce because it gives not just myself, but so many others an opportunity to learn through a multitude of artistic methods. Fourteen student choreographers including myself will premiere their own works in the Elizabeth Sherbon Theater on March 3 and 4, in addition to employing an entirely student based technical crew and staff. Choreographers will work closely with me on using choreographic parameters to set their works on the theme of domestic violence. While Alterity provides an opportunity to develop the artistic vocabulary and repertoire of skills for dance majors and other students involved, the driving force behind the production of this show is to explore the facets of domestic violence through choreographic expression. This project will address the various forms of domestic violence from the perspective of a juxtaposition of the vehement expressionism of dance to the silence of the abused in order to demonstrate the need for increased attention to the outlets in which victims can seek help for their situations. The piece I am constructing currently seeks to express the search for friendships and people to reach out to as victims of abuse. I believe that this show has the potential to reach many people on a personal level, and to truly give a new light to the underlying effects that often go unnoticed by those suffering in difficult situations.”

When she finds those rare moments of free time she says that she is “a sucker for a good Scandal binge watch on Netflix” and she loves “spending time with [her] friends both in and out of the dance department.” If you ever need to get in touch with her she stated, “Java break is my nest a lot of nights, and I am always down for a Sylas and Maddy’s run with anyone who is willing to join.”

Images Courtesy of: Kayla Wegley