Campus Celeb: Solomon Mitra '18

Solomon Mitra is a Pre-Med Chemical Engineering student in his second year at KU with a passion for sustainability. Solomon believes that sustainability means a world that can produce all that it needs in terms of food, shelter, energy and transportation without harming the environment that we live in. He says that this becomes hard though when society's needs keep increasing but our environment cannot keep up with demands. He is president of Unplug KU, a group of students who all work to promote and facilitate this idea of sustainability at KU, the surrounding community and state, because sustainability is a real issue that must to be addressed.
This photo is of Solomon presenting at the KU Energy Conference in the Union Ballroom. He is presenting at the Shut It Down Challenge that Unplug KU hosted last year in collaboration with Campus Conservation Nationals, a national energy conservation competition.
What made you chose your major? 
"I always enjoyed chemistry in high school and instead of just majoring in chemistry, the opportunities and applications of chemical engineering won me over. I like that with chemical engineering you aren't just trapped to one industry, but you can work in industries ranging from petro-chemicals and energy to pharmaceuticals and food."    
What are some things that you are interested in on campus?
"I participate in Unplug KU's Friday Night Shut Downs where we walk around campus shutting down lights, computers/monitors, windows and projectors that all may have been left on or open for the entire weekend. This data is recorded, the energy saved is calculated and given to the KU Center for Sustainability. This data will then be used potentially for placing occupancy sensors in campus buildings. I also am a member and treasurer of KU Energy Club where we host the Energy Conference at the Union in April and promote collaboration between the energy industry, students of KU and the public throughout the year by means of discussions and forums."
What allowed you to find your niche on campus?
"I was able to get involved on campus thanks to KU doing a good job to promote all the various clubs the university has to offer. I joined Unplug KU last year as a freshman just because I went to one of the info sessions that clubs were holding trying to promote themselves to new students and I really liked all that Unplug KU had to offer."
What is your favorite KU Tradition?
"It would probably have to be participating in the Rock Chalk Chant!"
All photos were submitted by Solomon Mitra.