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Brylan Donaldson: Campus Cutie ’17

Brylan Donaldson, a freshman at KU, is an aspiring pediatric neurosurgeon. With dreams of traveling to Dubai and a passion for art museums, Donaldson strives to be extremely successful. Keep reading to learn more about this week’s campus cutie!

Name: Brylan Donaldson
Hometown: Wichita
Major: Neuroscience
Year in school: Freshman
Relationship status: In a relationship
Tell me about your campus involvement: I’m a member of Phi Delta Epsilon medical fraternity, philanthropist, tutor, BSU homecoming pageant participant, KU Dance Marathon and football walk-on (kicked off the team now).
What is your favorite class taken at KU so far? Psychology 318, Cognitive Psychology. 
Who is your celebrity crush? Samantha Hoopes and Ashley Sky and Gabrielle Union.
What is the best way to spend a Friday night? Going to The Hawk with my boys to practice our smooth, effortless player skills but instead facing a myriad of curves.
What is your idea of a perfect date? Enjoying deep, emotional, intellectual conversation over a hot meal, then ending the night with fort building and low lighting, topped off with us falling asleep with our legs and bodies intertwined and tangled in eccentric positions.
What is your biggest pet peeve? Not receiving someone’s undivided attention.
Something most people don’t know about you? I enjoy going to the art museum.
Favorite qualities in a girl? Intellect, individualistic, passionate about being something in life, independent, humorous, great talker, peculiar, and intellect.
Three words that best describe you? Confident, intellectual, and me.
Favorite pick up line? Blah blah blah…. I tend to have that effect on women.
Favorite movie? Hunger Games
Dream job? Being the best Pediatric Neurosurgeon in the world.
Biggest fear? Living without actually living.
If you could see any band in concert tonight, who would it be? The XX
If you could wake up tomorrow morning, hop on a plane, and go anywhere, where would you go and why? Dubai, so I could relax at the underwater hotel and talk about bettering the world with great minds like Bill Gates.
What song do you currently have on repeat? “The Party & The After Party” by The Weeknd
Why did you choose to come to KU? Stanford was acting fugazi, and Brown accepted me, but didn’t accept me into their 8-year medical program, so KU was my last option.
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