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Bromances might just be one of the best things about TV. There is a stereotype that men have trouble showing emotions to each other, but this list proves otherwise. All these friendships prove that men can sometimes have a stronger friendship than women can. Below is a list of the best TV bromances that we have been blessed to see.

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10. Jerry and George, Seinfeld: These guys have been friends since high school and even moved to the Big Apple together. They always lean on each other for every strange problem that comes up. If that does not prove that they are the ultimate friends, one time George even dated a girl that looked like Jerry.

9. Ted, Barney and Marshall, How I Met Your Mother: For most of the series, Marshall and Ted said they are only best friends with each other and not Barney. In the end we all know that they love Barney just as much as they do each other. These three men create a hilarious trio and always join together for the most important moments. They have attended every wedding, funeral and Star Wars trilogy together. Even though they always joke with each other, we know their love overpowers every joke they make.

8. Chris and Ben, Parks and Recreation: Chris and Ben came into the series claiming that they are opposites. Chris keeps things light and fun, while Ben breaks everyone’s spirits. Over the course of the show everyone sees how much they compliment each other. Ben keeps Chris grounded while Chris keeps Ben from being such a party pooper. They are destined best friends despite their differences.

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7. Dwight and Michael, The Office: Please do not get mad because these guys are not farther down the list. They ended up in this spot because while their relationship is hilarious, it can be one-sided at times. Dwight would do anything for Michael, but Michael would probably not do the same. Even with this, they are still awesome friends. They have developed so many schemes together that only a true bromance could handle.

6. Scott and Stiles, Teen Wolf: Scott and Stiles would do anything for each other, and they actually have. This friendship is truly full of laughs from the lacrosse field to fighting off whatever monster comes their way. Through the laughs they still have the serious moments like Scott standing by Stiles when there was a chance of a serious brain disorder. This is one childhood friendship that will last a lifetime. 

5. Jake and Charles, Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Honestly, a lot of the things Charles does for Jake are kind of cringey, but we still love him. He even packs Jake snacks to make sure he has his fiber. Nevertheless, this friendship is complete with matching outfits and making up songs together. 

4. Lucas and Nathan, One Tree Hill: Yes, I know that they are technically brothers, but they are also best friends. Lucas and Nathan started off hating each other, but they came together in hatred against their dad. In the end, they really do become the best of friends after their rocky past. Nathan even named his son after Lucas. 

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3. Shawn and Gus, Psych: These guys know each other better than they know themselves. They can sense when the other is in trouble and come rushing to their aid even though their life might be on the line. Shawn and Gus have been friends since childhood which turned into solving crimes as adults. They are so close that they often get mistaken for a couple.

2. JD and Turk, Scrubs: These two dudes cannot stand to be away from each other. JD even travelled to Turk’s honeymoon to bring him lotion. JD was scared Turk would get ashy. If that does not define true friendship then I do not know what does. To make things official, they literally sang a song called “Guy Love” for each other. It is adorable and proves that their love is eternal. 

  1. Joey and Chandler, Friends: Who else would be first on this list? Chandler and Joey established the bromance with their love for each other. Okay, yes, we love Ross, but Joey and Chandler have a special relationship that he does not fit in to all the time. Chandler and Joey are as loyal to each other as you can be. I mean Joey let all their furniture get stolen and Chandler still stood by him. Both of their hearts were broken when Chandler moved out of their apartment, even if it was just across the hall.

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