The Best Girl Power Songs To Ever Exist

There are many things in life that empower me and make me incredibly proud to be a woman. However, I don’t think anything empowers me more than screaming a song at the top of my lungs with my best girlfriends. Girl power songs are the absolute best songs on the planet. Here are a few of my favorites. Get ready to grab your girls and sing your heart out...


  1. “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” By Shania Twain - This has GOT to be at the top of everyone’s girl power playlist. Don’t lie, when you hear “let’s go girls” blast through the speakers, you scream too. I immediately feel 20 times more attractive and empowered when I hear this song. If you ever want to see me get on a table, play it. 

  2. “Truth Hurts” By Lizzo - Many people may think that this song is overplayed now, but when it first came out I wanted to cry because it was so accurate. This song is honestly the anthem for girls who have been fucked over by a guy who doesn’t deserve them in the first place. If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky and support your girls that have. Men don’t deserve us. 

  3. “Glad He’s Gone” By Tove Lo - This one isn’t as popular, but I am obsessed with it. The song is about seeing your friend go through a bad relationship, then reminding her that she’s better off without him when he leaves. This is by far the best song to play for your girlfriend after she goes through a bad breakup. 

  4. “Run The World (Girls)” By Beyonce - This one is obvious. Five whole minutes of pure bliss. Do I need to explain Beyonce’s masterpiece?

  5. “Girl On Fire” By Alicia Keys - Alicia, my girl, POPPED OFF when she released this song. This uplifting banger makes me want to strut through a battlefield. Unlike many of the other songs on this list, this song has absolutely nothing to do with idiot boys. It simply preaches about how powerful girls are, and trust me, we are.

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