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The Best Doughnuts in Lawrence

I know this little bitty article is much smaller than most of my writings, but the reason for this is because I am very low on time this week but it’s also because I actually do want to write this article. Shorter articles are like bite-sized candy bars. So enjoy! 


P.S all the doughnut graphics are made by yours truly! Yeah there not very good but i’m proud of them 


Sooooo doughnuts (donuts). They’re delicious doughy fatty goodness. There’s just something about a warm doughnut that can’t be compared.

Every city has it’s best and most famous doughnut shops. From sea to shining sea there’s a best doughnut store in even the smallest towns. Including Lawrence, Kansas. Lawrence, however, has a variety of doughnut locations.

For my journalism 300 class, we were assigned to create an infographic. We could decide on any theme for the project and I decided to rank the best doughnuts in Lawrence. So I dragged my (at the time) boyfriend around town with me to binge eat doughnuts. He wasn’t complaining.

I am here today to share my findings with you. Are you a doughnut addict in the Lawrence area looking for a top-notch doughnut? If so then read on- you doughnut want to miss this. 


3) Lady Bird Diner: Margarita Doughnut 


Address: 721 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044


Sorry, I don’t have a real photo of this doughnut, but my doodle is realistic enough. This was the second doughnut on our beautiful doughnut adventure. It’s fruity, zesty, and delicious. It was a treat to eat! It definitely tastes like margarita so if you’re hungover after a night at Cielito’s (Cielito Lindo’s) don’t eat this doughnut for breakfast because you’ll probbaly yack it up pretty quick.

The frosting was light and refreshing, but the actual doughnut part was very thick and chewy. It’s a very heavy doughnut but it’s still worth every bite. 

P.S. Lady Bird Diner not only has great doughnuts but also has some amazing food. If you’re stopping by, sit down for some breakfast, brunch, or lunch becuase it’s definitely worth the calorie intake. 



2) Alcehmy Coffee House: Cinnamon-Butterscotch Cake 


Image Credit


Address: 816 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044


Ooooooh boy! This doughnut is a delicious surprise. I loveeeeee this doughnut. “Well then why is it number two?” I’m getting to that, jeez.

This doughnut is caky, sweet, soft, and just all around perfect. The best part of this doughnut is its little bits of butterscotch hidden in the batter. Every time you bite into one it’s like a surprise. This was my favorite doughnut, but the reason it’s not number one is because my boyfriend did not like it. The reason he went on this doughnut treasure hunt with me in the first place was not just because I wanted the pleasure of his company. It was mainly because I needed another set of tastebuds. We both decided this doughnut was more of an acquired taste. He didn’t like butterscotch nor cake doughnuts. But don’t underestimate this little piece of heavenly perfection. Definitely give this doughnut a try. Bonus- Alchemy has amazing coffee so grab one of those while you’re at it.


1) Wake The Dead: Unicorn Donut 


Image Credit


Address: 7 E 7th St, Lawrence, KS 66044


“Oh. My. God.” This is what my boyfriend and I said at the same time after eating this doughnut. It tastes exactly how it sounds. This doughnut is light and fluffy. It’s sprinkled with delicious colored sugar and it’s basically just magic in your mouth. Wake the Dead also serves a plethora of other creative doughnut inventions. My boyfriend and I also tried a Nutella cream filled lavender doughnut which was incredible (and y’all know how much I love lavender). But the Unicorn Doughnut is Wake the Dead’s most popular and famous doughnut, and for good reason. 


So next time you’re walking around Mass Street (Massachusetts Street) give these three delicious doughy treats a try. Your hips might regret it but your taste buds sure won’t! 


Hi! I'm Olivia or Liv! I am a Junior studying English at the University of Kansas. My Minors include theater and strategic communications. Im from the great state of Colorado. I love dogs, cookies, and skiing and I hate it when people move to Colorado and block up I-25.
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