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Because I’m Happy

We’ve all had Pharrell Williams’ new song “Happy” stuck in our heads at least once so far, right? Who could blame you? It’s pretty catchy.

What if you mixed in our very own Kansas City into the song? The city is putting together what they call “Kansas City’s biggest music video,” featuring a Kansas City-ized version of “Happy.” The purpose of the video is to highlight the happiest places in the city as well as celebrate the start of spring. The radio station 99.7 The Point is holding auditions for the video and is also asking for everyone’s “Happy places” in the city.

During the weekend of March 15, The Point made an appearance at Union Station and also had a parade in North Kansas City. Many people auditioned to be in the video, and The Point is picking their favorites from the long list in the next few weeks, if they haven’t already.

Check out the hashtag #happykansascity for more info on their video and its progress, and keep an eye out for the premiere of Happy Kansas City!

Spanish major at the University of Kansas & Harry Potter enthusiast, writer, teaching counselor for CLO.
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