Back-to-School Trends: Yay or Nay

    Classes are in session and the basic bitches have returned from their hot girl summer. Along with new pens and notebooks comes new trends. The true matter of discussion here is how we feel about these trends… Yay or Nay style.

  1. Hydroflasks - NAY

Yeah, they keep your water cold and whatnot, but so do the ones from Target. These stylish water bottles are everywhere on campus; I counted 14 in my last class with 20 people. Hydroflasks are undeniably aesthetic, but why is water bottle aesthetic so important nowadays anyway…? 

  1. Spiral hair ties - YAY

I’m not sure why people haven’t come up with this earlier. My grandma has used these beauties to hold her keys for decades. They look super cute and don’t damage your hair! Plus, they lowkey look cute on your wrists without leaving harmful indents.

  1. That urban shirt everyone has - NAY

I really like these tanks, honestly. They’re great to go out in or Netflix and chill, however, class is another thing. There is a time and a place to free the nips, but Econ 142 probably shouldn’t be it.

  1. Fake cartier rings - YAY

Made popular by Kylie Jenner, the infamous Cartier Love rings are sophisticated-looking and chic. Why spend $3,000 on a ring when you can spend $20 for one from Amazon? Knock-offs keep getting more legit looking, making it far easier for us ~regular people~ to rep designer styles.

  1. Biker shorts - YAY

This has to be the most controversial trend right now. Biker shorts are a love or hate kind of style. Personally, I’m for them. 

  1. Airpods - YAY

Considering how much hesitancy and skepticism Airpods got at first, they have definitely infiltrated the student community. These wireless headphones are perfect for walking to class, sitting in class, working out, laying down, talking on the phone, really, everything. That’s what’s so great about them: you avoid human interaction all day long.

 elago AirPods Silicone Duo Case

  1. Bluelight glasses - NAY

For those who may not know, bluelight glasses are glasses with no prescription that are marketed to be used when you’re on the computer to prevent headaches and other undesirable effects from computer use. I don’t know anyone who gets headaches from looking at a screen. However, I know plenty of people who wear bluelight glasses and claim it relieves their “migraines” when they really just like the way they look. #Exposed

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  1. Reusable straws - YAY

Seriously, how can you not be for this trend? Reusable straws are cost efficient, better for the environment, and cute as hell. 11/10 recommend. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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