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An Alternative to your Everyday Eyebrow Routine

Eyebrows have taken over the game in the beauty industry. People say that they can either make or break you. Throughout this generation, you tend to notice people with thick, bushy eyebrows. For examples, we can look at celebrities like Cara Delavigne or Lily Collins. The bushier the better, right?

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Now, what if you’re someone who has struggled with thin eyebrows and just want an alternative to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about filling them in every single day?  It can be a hassle, and it’s definitely not something a lot of people look forward to, especially because, well, some of us might not be good at filling in our eyebrows. Now, what would be an alternative to this everyday hassle? Well, for instance, there’s micro blading, but who has the money and the time to invest in that kind of stuff? Also, tattooing your eyebrows permanently is something many of us aren’t willing to do.

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So what can be great alternative for all of this? Eyebrow tinting!

Eyebrow tinting happens to be such a great and safe alternative for something that won’t be permanent on your face but will still save you from waking up with non-existent eyebrows.

So what is eyebrow tinting and why has it become such a trend to get your eyebrows tinted? Many people may be unfamiliar with what it really is. Brow tinting happens to be a brush with dye that goes directly on your eyebrows for a much darker look. It gives you a radiant complexion and you wake up looking like you’ve got your whole life together. You feel refreshed and there’s always one less thing to worry about in the morning. They’re not high maintenance and you can fill them in every six weeks. Now that sounds like a win-win! What better way to wake up in the morning not having to rush because you still have to fill in those eyebrows? Wake up refreshed, relax, have yourself a coffee to start off your day, and show off those new eyebrows! 


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