All Men Dress the Same and I am Here to Prove it

Men think us women all dress the same? Well, let’s take a look into the pathetic world of (straight) men’s fashion and see who REALLY dresses the same.

Nike Socks

Can you think of one guy that doesn’t own a pair of the plain white, mid-calf Nike socks? Because I sure fucking don’t.


Cargo Shorts

Do I really even have to go here? What do men not fucking get about fashion trends? Leave anything and everything cargo related in the trash where it belongs.


Plaid Shirts with a Vest

If you let your boyfriend wear a plaid shirt with a vest to the bars there is about a 120% chance of losing him in the crowd of frat boys wearing the exact same thing. Fucking mix it up a little sometimes, okay?


Duck Boots

I’m not going to lie, duck boots are very comfortable, practical shoes to have and I highly recommend them. BUT FOR GOD’S SAKE, GET ANOTHER PAIR OF WINTER SHOES.


To all my dudes and bros out there, there is so much more to life than name-brand polo shirts. I know this may come as a shock to you, but you needed to hear it. Just because it has two or three buttons on it doesn’t make it fancy.


Sperry Loafers

Dear God, make it stop.


So, to all my dear friends of the male species out there, before you make that comment on how “every girl wears jean jackets” take a good long look in the mirror and just keep your fucking mouth shut.



Women Fed Up With Your Bullshit