Alex Gottschalk

He’s a diehard Royals fan, he loves his dog Sadie, and just LOOK at that beard. Who wouldn’t want to get to know more about this cutie?

Name: Alex Gottschalk

Major: Accounting

Year in school: Junior

Why did you choose to come to KU: I chose KU because I was raised a Jayhawk.

Describe your perfect girl: I think she would definitely have to be outgoing because I’m a quiet person. Also she doesn’t have to be extremely short since I’m 6’1”. And I’m a sucker for blue eyes!

Favorite thing to do outside: That would definitely be taking my dog Sadie out to Clinton Lake to play fetch.

What is your go-to drink at the bar: A can of BudLight.

Favorite shot: Fireball would probably be my favorite.

If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?: I could watch "Space Jam" because it brings me back to my childhood, and who wouldn’t like Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes together?

What’s your deal breaker when it comes to a relationship?: Smoking is really my only deal breaker if I’m dating a girl.

Taco Bell or Chipotle?: Chipotle for sure.

Describe yourself in three words: I’d have to say trustworthy, dependable, and genuine.

If you could hang out with any celebrity for a day who would it be and why: I would say Eric Hosmer from the Royals because he is passionate on the field. He just seems like a guy that would be cool to get to know.

Who do you trust with your life?: I trust my twin brother Andy. He’s been by my side my entire life and he supports me in anything that I do.

Favorite superhero: Iron Man is definitely my favorite.

Would you rather fart green smoke or sweat blue liquid?: I would rather sweat blue liquid only because of watching Gatorade commercials.

What is your absolute dream job?: To be involved in the everyday activities with the Kansas City Royals. I’ve loved baseball my whole life and I would love to be paid to work for a baseball team.

What’s the most played song on your iTunes right now?: "Energy" by Drake.

Favorite episode of Spongebob: The episode where Spongebob rips his pants because who doesn’t think at least once in their life, “What would I do if I ripped my pants?”