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Advance KU Presidential Candidate: Jessie Pringle

Jessie Pringle is a junior studying History. She is from Chanute and hopes to make an impact in the upcoming Student Senate elections. She is an active member of the sorority Chi Omega, an Orientation Assistant, a member of the Dole student advisory board and a member of a steering committee for Greek Diversity. She hopes to attend law school one day and to work for some kind of non-profit organization or perhaps a think-tank.

Why did you decide to run for Student Body President?

“I’ve been involved in Senate my three years here and I came to the realization that elections will always be going on and I think that with my experience and the relationships I have, I think I can make a difference for students. It’s about listening to students and making a proactive senate. I want to make a senate that goes out into the community.”

How do you feel being a female candidate in the upcoming race?

“I feel great! I love it! There have only been about seven women student presidents. More women need to be making decisions. As a woman, I think I’m well suited to listen and to work hard for other people. I think women are more in-tuned to listen.”

What do you think of the level of female representation on campus?

“There should always be more women involved. I feel that women at KU do feel empowered, but I do feel there are systems in place that make women feel unsafe and I do feel that it is up to the community to change that. I am surrounded by awesome women that do awesome things and I want all women to be able to do what they want.”

If you win the upcoming election, what do you hope to accomplish in office?

“What I want to do is foster an accountable Senate; a community that works for others. I want to get rid of negative connotations about senate and to make sure that the interaction with senate is positive. I think the purpose of senate is to listen to students and make a better experience for them. I would like to implement better public course evaluations, I would like to make sure students get a 100 percent refund on classes they change within the second week of school, and I would like to implement more sustainable facilities that contribute to reducing environmental impacts. I would like to rebuild relationships between students and administration, students and athletes, and students and the Lawrence community.”

All Photos Provided by Jessie Pringle

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