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The ABCs of the Holiday Season

A: ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas


B: Birthday

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C: Candy Canes

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D: December

Either the month Christmas falls in or the Ariana Grande song-- which is a great workout jam if you wanna be festive during a sweat sesh.

E: Eggnog

Am I the only one who has never actually had eggnog? Is it good? Is it gross? Lmk.

F: Family

They're who the holidays are all about!!

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G: Grinch

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H: Hallmark movies

Even though they all have the same beginning, middle, and end, we love them and couldn't live without them.

I: Ice skating

Or at least trying to...

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J: Justin Bieber Christmas album

Featured on just about every holiday playlist, and if you don't know the rap part in Drummer Boy by now... SMH. 

K: Kindness

Cheesy, I know, but the holidays get to you, man!

L: Love

Lots and lots of it. Always.

M: Mistletoe

Yeah, that's the name of the leaf you're supposed to kiss your bae under, but I'm really talking about the Justin Bieber song, because you can't go wrong there.

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N: North Pole

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O: Opening gifts

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P: Puppies!!

Because obviously...

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Q: Quality time with fam and friends

Sappy, but the love keeps spreading.

R: Rudolph

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S: Santa

The man himself.

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T: Tree

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U: Ugly Christmas sweater

You've gotta have one.

V: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The BEST Christmas movie. 

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W: Winter

It may be cold, but it is pretty!!

X: eXtraordinary meals and desserts

It's like Thanksgiving round two! And we can't forget the Christmas cookie-making traditions.

Y: Yuletide carols

What are these really though..? 

Z: amaZing food

The best possible ending to the holiday season, of course. 

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Hi! I'm Callie! I’m an Iowa native with a love for people, running, the Jayhawks and chips & salsa because, honestly, who doesn’t?
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