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8 Types of People on a Group Chat

There are many reasons why utilizing a group chat can be a beneficial idea.  Group chats allow you to contact many people at one time and bounce ideas about schools projects, communicate with your basketball camping group, or talk about what to do over the weekend.  Within these groups there seem to be many different types of people. 

1.      The Night Owl(s): A person or people who talk late at night

2.      The Antagonist: one person disagrees with everyone else in the group



3.       The Jokester: The person who says something funny, but no one else finds it funny.


4.      The Absentminded: The Person who is never on the same subject of conversation


5.      The Troll: one person who solely posts gifs, and nothing else

6.      Innuendo guy: The person who likes to bring up “ that’s what she said jokes” a little too much


7.      The Confused One: The person who always asks questions about what’s going on.


8.      The Instigator: the person who created the group

Through all of this, I think that group chats can be pretty hilarious and fun to be included in.  However, when it’s 3 am and someone is talking about how drunk they are, that’s when it gets annoying.  I think that if some boundaries are put into place when being in a group chat, then everyone can have fun and not hate each other at the end of it.  

Blue Valley West graduate of 2014. I am an avid golf player. I also enjoy playing the cello and singing in my spare time. I am hoping to major in social work and work with foster kids
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