8 Signs You're Graduating Really Soon

1. You have forgotten everything.

“Where’s my English 355 class?” “I swear I have lab from 9-9:50…or was it 10-10:50?” “We have a book report due tomorrow??....15 pages???”

If you are a senior, chances are there are a few things running through your mind. I don’t know…JOBS, maybe? Classes have come down to, “How many points do I need to still get a C...” We are figuratively losing our minds.

2. Your parents/aunts/uncles/grandparents are harping on you about your graduation party.

“Where’s lunch going to be?” “Do you have a cake?” “How long will commencement take?” “Should I bring green bean casserole?”

The only answer you have for these questions is, “I DON’T KNOW.”

3. Teachers are rushing to feed you information before it’s all over.

“This internship is available!” “Did you apply for this certification?” “The p-value is blah blah blah…you’re going to need to know this.”

The final three weeks are crucial, and like a parent sending their first-born off to college, they are trying to prepare us for the real world. *SPOILER ALERT* We will NEVER be ready.

4. You are finally getting the hang of the library.

So you’ve realized the library does indeed have books. Books you can CHECK out. Like real reading books. And computers…lots of them. Where have these been the last four years? Oh yeah…in the same place they’ve always been.

5. Walking on campus is now filled with sentiment and appreciation.

“Just look at the Campanile…so beautiful.” “Wow, the trees are stunning this time of year!” “Oh! A cute little squirrel…hi, squirrel.”

While up until this moment, you have probably been attempting to see how fast you can get from your car to class without being late, a new found appreciation for your lovely university has blossomed like the budding trees. You catch yourself strolling around, breathing in the fresh springtime air. Then you realize you’re graduating soon and this will all be gone. Mood kill.

6. You are eating all the campus food you can.

“What will my life be like without a Brellas Crunchy Chicken Cheddar Wrap?!”

Campus food is in no way to be described as cheap. But how can you justify saving money when you will no longer get to devour food from The Underground between Spanish and Geology 117?...You can’t.


7. Every night is filled with a presentation, ceremony and/or banquet.

Achievements are great, and receiving notification that you excelled in one way or another is worthy of celebrating. But when the letter says, “Reception to follow after” at the bottom, you know you’re definitely not going to miss this one.

8. You can’t seem to find enough time in the day.

For friends, walking around campus, grabbing drinks downtown and sporting events. All of which will not necessarily go away completely, but may not be as prominent in your life in a month. Though it may seem like you’re running on empty and stressed to the point of tears, find a little time in your day to really take in these final few weeks. Graduation will be here before you know it. And hats off to that.