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I am a sucker for retail therapy, there’s just no way around it. And Amazon Prime fuels my fire, in the best and worst ways possible. Whether I’m too lazy to go to the grocery store to pick up trash bags and thumb tacks, or simply need a pair of shoes for the party on Friday, Amazon is a blessing and a curse in disguise. Have you been good all year and not splurged in a while? Then this is the article for you. Here are 8 random things you didn’t know you needed until now.


This eyelash curler was designed for those beauty queens on the go, as this little baby can easily fit in one’s purse or pocket. At an amazing price of just over $12, this beauty tool is a must have. PS, they come in black or pink. Double bonus.



We are truly living in the 21st century, and this brain scanning headband proves it. If you haven’t started or tried meditation, there’s no time like the now. This headband straps around the front of your forehead and rests just above the ears, providing EEG neurofeedback. Playing relaxing music or sounds, the intensity is based on how calm your brain is. Super cool, a good investment for literal peace of mind.


In college, decorating from anywhere other than Target or Walmart can be difficult. However, Amazon can certainly have some killer deals, and amazing additions to take your room from 0 to 100 real quick. I love this light for its uniqueness and modern vibe. Also, the price doesn’t hurt either.


If you’re a kombucha fan, you know how quickly the bills can add up for the bottles. But with this DIY kit, you’ll be saving money and running your own brewery right from your kitchen! This kit comes with a brewing jar, starter pouch, temperature gauge, pH strips, and more. Try it out for a fun snow-day experiment, as you will instantly learn about brewing education from beginning to end


Enlarged pores and blackheads are my arch enemy, and with this exfoliating tool, skincare will be a breeze. With a vacuum-like suction technology, it comes with 4 different nozzle sizes, and has levels of speed control for all skin types. Another plus, it’s pink!


This was just an overall awesome find, because I had no idea this existed IRL. If you grew up with brothers or currently live with a boy, this is a must have. They need all the extra help they can get. Also, this is just so futuristic and modern, can you imagine shocking overnight guests with this bad boy? Wow!


Carrying a water bottle to and from class can feel like a workout, what with the heavy and expensive Hyrdroflasks dominating campuses around the country. However, with this under $20 collapsible and foldable water bottle, you can slip it right in your backpack and head off on your way! Comes in 4 different colors too, so you can mix and match!


If you haven’t heard of the latest eco-fad (which I’m all on board for, me and my reusable pocket straws), bamboo toothbrushes are saving the unnecessary plastic waste from your everyday-disposable toothbrushes. These are made in 100% recycled packaging and last up to 3 months!


Happy shopping!

Madeleine is a senior at the University of Kansas double majoring in Creative Writing and Journalism. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Madeleine spent the last few years of her high school career publishing two books (http://www.lulu.com/shop/m-rheinheimer/project-105/paperback/product-23264977.html + http://www.lulu.com/shop/madeleine-rheinheimer/undefined/paperback/product-22938535.html)  and traveling around the city speaking and sharing with locals. Knowing since the fourth grade that she was destined to be a writer when she grew up, Madeleine enjoys anything that involves creative expression. You can follow her personal blog at: https://illiterateblondes.com 
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