71 Thoughts While Watching the Stranger Things 2 Season Finale

The second installment of Netflix’s popular, well-loved television series ‘Stranger Things’ dropped nearly two weeks ago, and it’s all the internet, and myself, has been able to talk about. The second season was dark, twisty, confusing, infuriating, wonderful, depressing, and weirdly satisfying. It made me fall even more in love (or out of love) with the characters and had me wishing I grew up in 1984 Hawkins, Indiana, demogorgons and all. The first eight episodes built up to the heart-pounding finale, where everything came together and fell apart. Here are 71 thoughts I had while watching this epic finale.

Beware: spoilers ahead!

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  1. Eleven is back, and everything is wonderful!!!!
  2. Eleven is back, and everything is about to go to hell!!!
  3. Wait, is it Eleven or Jane now??
  4. Mike is so hurt…. I am so hurt.
  5. Finn Wolfhard is SO. TALENTED.
  6. The sexual tension between Mrs. Wheeler and Billy…please…no...
  7. Demodogs. Hahahaha.
  8. Steve Harrington’s character development saved my source: vulture
  9. How are these 13 years olds finding true love so easily?!
  10. You are not a black hole, Hopper!!!!!!
  11. :(
  12. Babysitter Steve is my favorite Steve.
  13. Billy, can you, like, not? Just for a second?
  14. Seriously people are DYING, Billy, we don’t have time for this.
  15. Steve, baby, A for effort.
  16. Well, I really expected that to go differently.
  17. UHHHH OK I’m never messing with Maxine.
  18. Are they lighting Will on fire???
  19. No, no they are not.
  20. But honestly Will Byers needs to be protected at all costs.
  21. How is Hopper going to single-handedly fight off hundreds of demodogs??? Did he learn nothing from the last episode?? They killed everyone, Hop!!
  23. How does this 13-year-old know how to drive???
  24. These children have a death wish and it’s hurting source: yahoo
  25. The number of kids in the vine tunnels is growing and so are my anxiety levels.
  26. How is that one annoying doctor still alive what.
  27. This is some exorcist @!&#.
  28. Will :(
  29. They are all SO sweaty.
  30. I realized the demodogs sound like a growling stomach and I can never turn back.
  31. If Hopper dies, WE RIOT.
  32. The evil demodogs are in the vine tunnels. My kids are in the vine tunnels. This is fine. Everything is fine. I am fine.
  33. My emotions this entire episode are equal to Joyce Byers in every scene of this show.
  34. Eleven is really… chill with all of this? Like, no big deal, just gotta close a supernatural gate to another dimension in order to stop this all powerful evil force. Just a casual Thursday :)
  35. If Dustin dies, WE RIOT.
  36. Why am I getting emotional over a supernatural, deadly, slimy dog-thing eating a candy bar.
  37. If they get trapped in that tunnel… I will find you both, Duffer Brothers.
  38. Millie Bobby Brown, you are incredible.
  39. Eleven :( does :( not :( deserve :( this :( darkness :(
  40. Is she floating?!
  41. Oh, Lord.
  42. source: nerdist
  43. Ok, not that I’m complaining, but how did Eleven, like, die killing the demogorgon last season, but she just got out of breath closing the gate to Hell.
  46. FOR
  47. BARB
  48. !!!!!!
  49. Jane. Hopper. JANE. HOPPER. Tears.
  50.  Dustin or Tracy Turnblad?
  51. Steve and Dustin’s friendship is the most pure thing to ever happen in the history of television.
  52. WAIT.
  53. Steve telling Dustin to pretend like he doesn’t care when that’s exactly what Steve is doing for Nancy omg.
  54. Achy Breaky Heart // Billy Ray Cyrus is my mood right now.
  55. What is the budget for Hawkins Middle school dances??
  56. Like, ok.
  57. Screw these middle school girls, you don’t deserve to dance with source: youtube
  58. But, really, where is Eleven.
  61. Lookin’ cute as heck.
  62. Aw.
  63. This is so adorable.
  64. :’)
  65. True love exists, the sun is shining, and the world is saved.
  66. Why is the camera turning...
  67. NO.
  68. Please.
  69. Not the upside down AGAIN.
  70. Give these kids a break, man.
  71. Sooooo, Netflix, when is season 3 coming???