7 Tips for an Unforgettable Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family, football and food–and lots of it. But one thing that’s quickly becoming a part of it is something many of us probably weren't used to having around during the holiday season when we were kids: friends.

I guess as you grow up, friends start becoming something closer than just being the other kids who liked to play foursquare during recess. They become the people who are there for the good, the people who are there for the bad and, in a way, they become family. That’s probably why Friendsgiving has become such a socially acceptable holiday.

According to Urban Dictionary (yeah, I use sources), Friendsgiving usually lands on the Wednesday before of the Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s a time to be thankful for all of the wonderful people you’ve met, but really, it’s also just an excuse to eat more food and probably drink more than you would at your family Thanksgiving. But that’s okay, because we have all the tips on how to have a great Friendsgiving here.

1. The Thanksgiving foods are necessary. That means turkey (even if it means heating up some cold cuts from the deli section), potatoes (instant is fine), casseroles, lots of bread, and lots of pie. It’s a holiday, guys. As long as you portion your food, the carbs don’t count, right?

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2. There must be a good drink menu. They don’t always have to be strictly alcoholic. Sure, wine and whiskey are acceptable, but apple cider and hot chocolate are also great things to serve.

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3. Make sure to organize who brings what. We all love a good potluck, but it’s easy to get confused about who’s bringing what. Whoever is hosting Friendsgiving this year should probably make sure that all the bases are covered (see: number one). As long as you have that, you probably shouldn’t worry too much.



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4. Dedicate someone to making playlists. Music can make anything better. We all have that one friend with impeccable taste in music.

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5. Decorations aren’t necessary, but they can be a fun addition. What gets you in the mood for the holiday season than cheap holiday crafts? Check out some Thanksgiving DIYs and put your creativity to the test.

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6. Have everyone bring games. There’s probably enough talk to keep you occupied for the rest of the night, but there’s always time for drunk Cards Against Humanities.

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7. Relax. This isn’t supposed to be your stressful family Thanksgiving where you have to remind yourself of distant relatives names or get your story straight about why you’re considering grad school other than the fact that you have no idea what you’re doing with your life. It’s a time to just be with friends and be happy about it, so let go and let the good times begin.

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