7 Things I Learned from My First Semester at College

As a freshman college student, I can say that I’ve gone through one of the wildest transitions of my life.

Sometimes I felt like this:

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But a lot of the times I felt like this:

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Here are some lessons I learned from my first semester in college:

1.       DO go out.

Some of your best memories will be made on the weekends with your friends. Everyone can attest to how fun it is running into friends or people from class unexpectedly. This is a great way to talk to more people and meet new crowds.

2.       DO stay in.

As much fun as going out is, don’t let movie nights or getting food with your friends slip by. It’s important to build friendships with a good foundation. Also, staying in doesn’t have to mean literally staying in. See what events your university is offering on the weekends!

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3.       College boys are not that much better than high school boys.

Despite the adult label being placed on them, don’t expect the majority to be grown up and mature, though you should have that standard.  

Justin, Matt, Sam, Josh, Trey, Jake, or whatever his name is, waits until 4:00 am to do his homework, goes out 4+ times a week, is really good at video games, and if he’s in a frat, might do coke. He still probably doesn’t know what he wants and girls still probably scare him.

There is no reason for you to cry over Justin, Matt, Sam, Josh, Trey, or Jake. Life is too short, and you are too busy for that.

Maybe movies have told you that you’ll go to a party, meet the boy of your dreams, he’ll invite you back to his place, and you’ll be together for ever and ever. As good as he looks chugging that drink, there are better fish in the sea. Fish that will respond to your texts faster.

4.       It’s okay if you’re not super close with your roommate.

It can be super intimidating when everyone is besties with their roommate and you’re not, but you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you’re not with your roommate all the time, you have more opportunities to branch out and make other close friends.

Also, don’t be afraid to do stuff by yourself. It might feel weird going to the dining hall by yourself at first, but getting food and having some you-time is never a bad thing. Plus, you’re pretty much guaranteed to run into people and it’s a blast to sit by someone new and make a new friend.  

5.       If you’re upset, talk to your friends.

It’s a known fact that college is hard. It pushes you in completely new ways. Sometimes it may seem that you’re the only one struggling and having a hard time, but chances are, at the same times that you’re freaking out about something, one of your friends is having a melt down too.

Why melt down alone when you can melt down together?

But seriously, letting your friends in will not just let you and them know that neither of you are alone, but it’ll probably bring you closer together. Next time you’re freaking out, you’ll have someone there to help you figure it out.

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6.       Your university isn’t that big.

If you think 28,510 students is a lot, you’ll be shocked when you find out that your best friend matched with a guy in your COMs class and they dated for a bit, or your future roommate went to high school with a guy in your basketball camping group. You’ll have friends of friends in your discussions, and people from past classes in your lectures (this is also why it’s important to make friends with people in your classes. You WILL see them again).

There are connections all over to be made. Remember to always put your best foot forward so you can use this to your advantage and not let it bite you in the butt.

7.       Next semester will be even better.

Every obstacle you faced the previous semester is one more thing that you’ll have a handle on for the next semester! The best is always yet to come. And let’s be real, even when it's hard, college is still great.

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