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7 Steps to Having the Perfect Lazy Day

In order to feel completely refreshed and revived after a long week of stress, homework, drama, annoying roommates and siblings, and just about anything, you deserve a break. Here is a list of 7 steps to follow in order to have the greatest and laziest day.

Seven Must-Do’s:

1.     Fuzzy blankets and comfy pillows must surround you on either your bed, couch, or love seat. A lazy day can not truly be a lazy day if you are not comfortable. It is strongly encouraged to lay back on 5 pillows and blanket burrito yourself on the couch so getting up becomes an impossible thought.

2.     Giant sweatpants and sweatshirt. Your favorite XXXL t-shirt and boxers with fuzzy socks. Choose the outfit that makes you feel like a complete and total bum.

3.     Food and lots of it. Comfort food along with unlimited snacks all day is a must. Surround yourself with your favorite food and make sure they are in reaching distance because there is no need to cause extra work for yourself by having to get up and find your snack.

4.     Movies and Netflix all day. Whether it is a whole TV series on Netflix or a marathon of scary movies or chick flicks, this is key to a successful day of rest and relaxation.

5.     Nap. One, two, maybe three naps in one long lazy day are a necessity. One of a lazy day’s main purposes is to catch up on your sleep and R and R.

6.     Social media. This is the perfect day to catch up on all your social media accounts. Stalk your favorite and least favorite celebrities on Instagram. Message your grandma back on Facebook. Scroll for hours through your Twitter feed.

7.     Once again, food. Snacks on snacks on snacks. A lazy day can never have enough food. Ice cream, goldfish, Doritos, Cheetos, cookies, Diet Coke, and the list could continue forever until you are sufficiently satisfied.



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