7 Mug Must-Haves for the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to fill up on all the hot chocolate you can fit into that wonderful, overused mug you've been sipping from since middle school. It's time to upgrade, and treat yourself to a smile every morning. With these 8 adorable (and affordable) mugs, you will never be cold this winter, and finally have a drink ware to be proud of. 


Sloth Hug- Urban Outfitters

This mug looks like a warm morning hug, and the smiling little sloth just welcomes more coffee, tea, or maybe some hot water. Whatever is in your cup, this cuddling sloth is sure to cheer you up!

Fancy Ass Kitty Cat- Amazon

While this description says it's a glass tea strainer, I wouldn't put it past anyone to drink coffee or hot cocoa out of this. This mug looks fancy asf as well as complicated asf, but that's the whole point. I know there are a whole niche of girls who need this mug on their shelf. 

Tropical Blue Marker- Anthropologie

I love that this mug looks like it could be homemade, maybe by a cute neighbor kid or your grandma. However, don't be fooled, this mug is made by the high-class candle and bohemian fancy clothes. Not to mention that the colors will transform your boring winter routine into a warm tropical morning. 


Shiny Bunny - Etsy

I am a big fan of these, mostly because of the double handles which also happen to be the adorable sleepy bunny ears. The shiny consistency across these mugs look like the ideal surface to sip out of. Also, Etsy supports small businesses, so be sure to scroll through the site!


Happy Llama- Natural Life

This colorful and happy llama is thick, wide, and the perfect mug. My favorite part of this is the little feet underneath, and its cheerful and calm face.

Bitchin' - Urban Outfitters

Of course, to all the Stranger Things fans out there, this is the ideal mug for you. This bright neon yellow color is the perfect wake-up kick, and the font/colors mimic a cartoon theme. 


Marble Mug- World Market

In this affordable set of three mini mugs, you can have the best of both worlds. Can't pick a favorite color? You get all three. Have a roommate who doesn't own anything in the kitchen and uses your things? Lend them one of these bad boys. 

Peace and Blessings

Hopefully you've found the mug of your dreams, and can plan a lovely holiday season of warm hot cocoa, marshmallows, and winter festivities!