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7 Choices That You Don’t Have To Justify To Anyone

A lot of decisions women make, from what we choose to do with our bodies to how we conduct our most intimate affairs, are subjected to critique from family members, friends and even complete strangers. It may seem like everyone has an opinion about your life, asking you to explain yourself, causing you to second guess whether or not you were actually right in the first place.

Certainly, it is good to hear others’ advice, or to listen to what someone who cares about you thinks, but some things are personal and you shouldn’t have to explain them to anyone. Here are 7 things that you should never have to feel like you have to justify to anyone:

1.  Your body

This also includes what you do with your body hair. It may seem that society tries to convince us that female body hair is unnatural and unclean, but many women are starting to speak up. Actress, Cameron Diaz, recently proclaimed that pubic hair is there for a reason and to remove it is equal to saying, “I don’t need my nose.” Women don’t need to justify their decision to shave, not shave, wax, or not wax.

2.  Anything in regards to sex

How you conduct your sex life is sincerely nobody’s business, whether you are choosing to wait for marriage or having one-night stands. Also, it is nobody’s business how many people you have had sex with. You should never have to feel guilty about your sexuality.

3.  Not knowing exactly what you want to do career-wise

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Whether you are a junior in college who still hasn’t declared a major or switching majors for the tenth time, you shouldn’t have to go on a longwinded explanation of why you’re still unsure.

4.  Whether or not you want to go out on a weekend night

If you want to stay at home and stream Netflix all night or go to the bar every night it shouldn’t matter to anyone else. The amount, or lack, of time you spend out at clubs or bars doesn’t correlate to how worthy of a person you are.

5.  Your religious beliefs

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Whether or not you believe in God and what you think God actually is.

6.  Whether or not you have debt

If you are in debt you shouldn’t be made to feel that you have a “worthless” degree, or ashamed that you are struggling to find work. Furthermore, you shouldn’t have to constantly feel you need to apologize if you managed to get your education debt-free. It doesn’t mean that the rest of your life is a financial breeze.

7.  Whether or not you want to be a parent

There is often a misconception that all women aspire to be mothers. Women who choose not to have children are often subjected to prying questions and tasteless comments. Your choice to have children, not have children, or to be unsure is exactly that, your choice.

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