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6 Things You NEED to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

1.   Understand the maintenance that’s required.

A full set of lash extensions is by no means a one and done kind of service. In fact, go ahead and book another appointment for two-three weeks later. Eyelash ‘fills’ are appointments that are required if you want to keep your lashes voluminous, or frankly, if you want to keep your lashes at all. As expected, your real lashes will keep growing, and the glue bonding the extension to the real lash will, in its simplest form, lose its stickiness and fall off. Extensions are definitely a time commitment and not always easy to work into a schedule for someone who is already busy. 

2.   What’s next for your real lashes? 

One of my biggest setbacks of lash extensions is this! Your real, natural lashes will continue to grow but may end up thinning out and not growing as fast nor as long. If you ever think about not getting your lashes refilled or want the extensions taken off, your lashes will not be as they were before, and you may have to be patient while they get back in the rhythm of growing without a lash fiber glued to them. 

3.   $$

Eyelash extensions are EXPENSIVE. A full set rounds out at $150-$180, and each three-four-week fill is another $45-$60. These totals definitely add up fast. On top of that, tipping the esthetician who does the extensions and the gas you use to drive to the salon are all costs that factor in as well. However, ways to save yourself some trips to the salon and money in your wallet is taking extra care of your lashes. Some examples include trying not to get them wet for as long as possible after getting them done, not being too harsh when itching/rubbing your eyes, sleeping in a position that doesn’t involve smushing your face in a way that could affect your lashes, and doing your best to avoid crying! (Shoutout to all you emotional gals out there; trust me, it’s not easy.)

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4.   There are those who know how to do lash extensions and those who don’t.

Make sure to do your research before committing to getting your lashes done by a certain esthetician. Ask those who have had their lashes done where they go and what they prefer! You want to make sure you are not wasting the sufficient amount of money required on a set of lash extensions that will fall out after six days, be too heavy for your lashes to hold, or not match the style you were wanting (natural and lengthening or dramatic and voluminous.) Read reviews of salons to make sure you really know what service you’ll be getting! Something I didn’t know (that I wish I would have) is that there are different lengths and curls available. Research the length/style you want because these factors can all be customized to your liking!

5.   It’s a time saver!

Through the time, money, and maintenance however, you WILL have a full set of eyelashes that will, in the end, save you time! I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis anymore because my lashes really bring out my eyes, and I’m not as worried about the rest of my face, nor do I have to think about eyeshadow/mascara. It takes the whole makeup aspect out of my morning routine most days and there is a serious difference in that amount of time used for sleep instead of makeup! I understand some girls can’t go or choose not to go without wearing makeup though, and that’s fine too! It still saves you time! Without fussing with false lashes (ew, glue), or not clumping your mascara, you can use the time to add to your bomb complexion!


Despite all the maintenance, time, and money, people continue to get lash extensions because they are WORTH IT. My biggest fear when I got lash extensions was that I was going to look weird or not natural, but truthfully, I have not seen one person with lash extensions that I thought looked “weird” or anything related. Extensions bring attention to the uniqueness of your eyes. To give a personal review of lash extensions, I used to think my eyes were always an okay feature about myself but having eyelash extensions has really changed how I feel about them! I have gotten hundreds of compliments, and the truth is that they still look very natural! I love my eyes even more now and have found more confidence within them! I’ve had lash extensions for almost a year now, and I can honestly say I don’t know how I lived without them before! It’s cheesy, but I love them, recommend them, and don’t feel like myself without them. 

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