6 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Oh, Christmas. There’s so much that we love about you: the lights, the gingerbread cookies, the commercialism. Unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to focus on shopping for friends and family with finals still looming over us. But don’t worry too much, Collegiettes. Here’s our guide to last minute gifts for the holidays.

1. Your favorite book. I know how hard it is to shop for your bibliophile best friend. Usually, I’ll first try to find books that I think she’ll like based on her favorites, but usually that ends up becoming a treasure hunt that ends in tears and a plan B. And that plan B has become sharing my own favorite reads. It may feel a little narcissistic, but think of it like giving her a little piece of yourself. For the real book lovers, this can become a real bonding experience. The best part is that you can do this with all sorts of different things–movies, CDs, whatever. Get creative!

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2. A mix tape. Mix tapes have been the perfect makeshift gift for generations. Not are they only fun to make, but they’re always a treat to receive, too. Fill them with you and your friends favorite songs or put on some lesser known tunes that you think your friend might like. The best part: you can give this gift multiple years in a row as long as you change up the songs. Make it a new tradition among friends and family.

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3. Funny calendars. This may sound like kind of a gag gift, but at least it’s still useful. I have a friend who always manages to find the best calendars to give all of our friends, and I look forward to it every year. It’ll give you a laugh every time you have to schedule a test or an appointment.

4. Customized mugs. You’ve probably seen it all over Pinterest. All you need is a mug, permanent markers and an oven. Draw whatever you want on the mug –designs, pictures, inappropriate sayings –and then pop it in the oven for 30 minutes at 375 degrees. After you let it cool completely, hand wash it voila–an cheap, easy gift that all you friends and family will love.

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5. A relaxation kit. We all have that one friend who’s stressed out all of the time. Make an assortment kit of little sweet things that might help her unwind at the end of the day. You can include a variety of things, such as candles, lotions, tea and chocolates.

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6. Food. This one may sound a little ridiculous, but let's be real: what Collegiette doesn't love to eat? Collect some of her favorite snacks or bake some delicious treats that you know she'll love. This is definitely a must for your friends who are always collecting dorm snacks or for the ones that live in apartments but hardly find the time (or money) to make their own meals.

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