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5 Ways Disney Channel Original Movies Changed Our Lives

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the late 90s/early 00s Disney channel movies were the absolute greatest. I mean, who didn’t almost wet their pants waiting all week for the new movie to come out on Friday? Or get so freakishly excited when they played the song with all the kids jumping around on a film reel like below.

These movies played such a role in the beginning stages of our lives that certain bits and pieces will stick with us for the rest of our lives.

1. We believed we would be all-star athletes.

After watching Double Teamed, Brink! and Gotta Kick it Up, I was positive I would make a living in the WNBA, perform in the X-Games or lead my high school cheer team to nationals. All of which never happened. But I’m still holding on to the WNBA hopes for two reasons: 1. Most of those women play well into their 30s and 2. I’m “just south of 6 feet I guess.”


2. We became cultured.

Speaking of Gotta Kick it Up, after watching this movie I was convinced I could speak Spanish fluently. How many times do you have to say “Si se puede,” in order for you to consider yourself bilingual? But besides that, The Luck of the Irish taught me about the potato famine and The Color of Friendship battled the issue of racism beautifully.

3. We began to have crushes.

I can’t speak for everyone, but Disney Channel movies had some of the best looking actors. At least from my 10-year-old self’s perspective. I often found myself drooling over at least one boy in each new movie, with the Lawrence brothers from Jumping Ship at the tip-top of the list. Heyyy, Matthew.

Also, remember Motocrossed? Hello, cute boys on dirt bikes. 

4. We developed our sense of fashion.

Everything I learned about fashion came from Disney Channel movies. Seriously, though. To this day, if I ever find a pink, velvet dress like the one Hallie wore in My Date with the President’s Daughter, I will buy it and I will wear it proudly.


5. We learned if we wish hard enough all our dreams will come true

It wouldn't be Disney if movies weren’t centered on wishes and dreams. But like the little innocent children we were, we clung to these hopes like crazy. My roommate from California remembers watching The Ultimate Christmas Present and dreaming of what a snow day would be like. Well, last year she had her first ever snow day. So living proof, dreams do come true.


Brea Cudney is currently a senior at the University of Kansas, majoring in Communication Studies, with a minor in Journalism. Brea is an avid fan of The Office, addicted to pickles, obsessed with squirrels and a lover of all things crimson and blue. Rock Chalk!
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