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5 Videos For People With An Odd Sense of Humor

I have a very odd sense of humor, and if you’ve known me long enough you probably have realized that, but I find that most of the time when I try to show people videos I think are funny, it ends up something like this: 

If you’ve had that happen to you I can sympathise, so here are a few videos I think are hilarious and if you laugh great, but if you don’t at least I don’t have to be there to watch you silently judge me. 

1. 20th Century Fox Flute Version

We all played the recorder in elementary school, I personally taught myself Disney songs on it, which is why you cannot tell me you can listen to this recorder cover of the 20th Century Fox theme and not literally die of laughter. The point is they tried, right?

2. Gimme Pizza Slow

Some internet genius decided to take the song “Gimme Pizza” from Mary Kate and Ashley’s You’re Invited Sleepover Party and slow it down and the result is absolutely hilarious. I remember watching all of these on VHS as a kid and still have the opening song memorized, so when I stumbled on this video I couldn’t help but laugh about how hilariously stupid is this. I’m pretty sure when I watched the real version as a child I was like “OMG yes! You should “Ahhh, puddit in the pizza””. I almost want to set it as my ringtone…or maybe just this part: 

3. Your Grammar Sucks

There’s 99 of these videos and I’ve sadly become emotionally attached to them and am very upset that YGS 100 is going to be the last of Your Grammar Sucks. Jack Douglas is my favorite Youtuber because I love how sarcastic and snarky he is, especially if you watch his other show, Jackask, where he intentionally answers his fan’s questions with sass. Your Grammar Sucks is just him reading and in turn making fun of people with bad grammar and I could not stop laughing the first time I watched this. I hope some of you guys are also “Biches”. 

4. Stefon on Weekend Update

Very rarely do such poorly recorded videos make me laugh so hard. The jokes are so off the bat and random they are hilarious, but nothing beats Bill Hader breaking when he talks about the Jewish Dracula “Sydney Applebaum.” His reaction to the jokes that John Mulaney throws in to make him laugh pretty much mirrors my reaction. 

5. Cracked: After Hours

These videos make me laugh so much, and I can’t really explain why, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with how serious these “Internet Comedy Dicks” are being when they deliver these funny arguments about movies and TV.

I'm a freshman journalism and theatre performance double major at KU (I'm basically majoring in waitressing), who a proud member of Alpha Gamma Delta. Welcome to my weird thoughts and follow me on twitter if you would enjoy further insight into them: @talkalot_360
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